Chess Set Set Avon 32 Bottle Full Set Wild Country Old

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Chess Set Set Avon 32 Bottle Full Set Wild Country Old

we have a 32 bottle, Avon chess set!

This thirty-two piece set is sans the board, but still a great collectors item! Each bottle has 3 fl. oz. of either, Wild Country After Shave, Oland After Shave, Electric Pre-Shave Lotion, Blend 7 After Shave, or Avon Spicy After Shave.

Did you know that chess is the oldest skill game in the world? But chess is more than just a game of skill. It can tell you much about the way people lived in medieval times. If you look at the way a chess board is set up, then study the pieces and how they are used, you will realize that chess is a history of medieval times in miniature.

The six different chess pieces on the board represent a cross section of medieval life with its many ceremonies, grandeur, and wars.

The pawns on the chess board represent serfs, or laborers. T are more of them than any other piece on the board, and often they are sacrificed to save the more valuable pieces.

The castle piece on a chess board is the home, or the refuge, just as it was a home in medieval times. In chess, each side has two castles, or rooks, as they are sometimes called.

The knight on a chess board represents the professional soldier of medieval times whose job it was to protect persons of rank, and t are two of them per each side in a game of chess. Knights in a game of chess are more important than pawns, but less important than bishops, kings, or queens. Their purpose in the game of chess is to protect the more important pieces, and they can be sacrificed to save those pieces just as pawns can. T

T is a bishop in the game of chess, who represents the church. The church was a rich and mighty force in medieval times, and religion played a large part in every person's life.

The queen is the only piece on the board during a chess game that represents a woman, and she is the most powerful piece of the game. In the game of chess, t is only one queen for each side. Many people do not realize that queens in medieval times often held a powerful, yet precarious, position.

The king was often guided by her advice, and in many cases the queen played games of intrigue at court. But kings could set wives aside or even imprison them in nunneries with the approval of the church (and without the queen's approval), and many women schemed merely to hold her place at court. The king is the tallest piece on the board, and is as well defended on the chessboard as in medieval life. In medieval times, the surrender of the king would mean the loss of the kingdom to invading armies and that could mean change for the worse. It was to everyone's advantage, from the lowest serf to the highest-ranking official, to keep the king safe from harm. The king is the most important, but not the most powerful piece in chess. If you do not protect your king, you lose the game.

Our set, from the 1970's, has the chrome top with the dark brown glass bottom for one side, and a complimentary side with the dark brown top and the chrome bottom. Each piece measures approx 5 1/2" tall.

With some discoloring on the tops from the years, these bottles are still in very good condtition!

A GREAT collector's set!


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