We have been collectors of fine Chinese porcelains of all types for decades, with a specific focus on antique roof tiles. We recently discovered these exceptional examples which we present at auction. They are beautifully executed and reproduce some of the classic figures of this genre. Each piece is hand crafted by the Chinese artist, J. T. Ho, and is signed with his "Chop". The figures are unique with subtle details and richly glazed colors, and finished to produce an aged appearance. From the moment the green-ware has dried, until the fired clay is removed from the kiln, the Roof Tile is handworked at every stage, thus each piece becomes an individual work of art so that no two are exactly alike. The tile comes with a museum style clear Lucite stand to which it is easily secured. The piece can also be made into a stunning Roof Tile Lamp, or can be set in a frame for wall mounting. The well secured mounting bolts allow for considerable versatility of display options from which to choose. A Bit of History: "According to Chinese belief, the roof of a building belongs to the spirit world and acts as a landing platform by the aid of which spirits can descend to and ascend from our world of Mankind on Earth. The deep and underlying reason for roof decoration of buildings generally, and temples and palaces specifically, was to help this communication with the celestial world in order to attract in return, good fortune, protection and blessings." ( Laszlo Legeza, Arts of Asia Magazine, May-June,1982) "The most popular image of transformation, the dragon-fish, takes a similar commanding position on the main ridge, frequently substituting the celestial dragons chasing the flaming pearl. The fish ( a carp) that is capable of transformation into a dragon if it successfully leaps the rapids of the Yellow River, expresses this idea of transformation from the terrestrial to the celestial world. Transposition of cosmic ideas and elements of folklore mix freely here..." (Same source) The mythology related to these figures is extensive, and there are a number of other Roof Tiles available in this collection. These include various figures sitting atop dragons, birds (Phoenix & Crane), tigers, horses, monkey and Foo Dog, as well as a figure of the Monkey King. Copyright 2004 by Land and Sea Colection, All Rights Reserved