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NOTE: I have been asked about the legality of my law enforcement memorabilia listings including this one. The applicable law is HR 4827 P.L. 106-547. This law deals with the use of counterfeit and genuine law enforcement badges, ID's and other documents. These items in my listings are specifically excluded from any violation. This is detailed as follows as to the use of such items. They are exclude when used: 1. as a momento, or in a collection or exhibit. 2. for decorative purposes, 3 for a dramatic presentation such as a theatre, film or television 4. for any other recreational purposes.

Note 2 : Check my other items under retiredfedofficer for the NSA and CIA documents I have listed. I can now customize most of the documents with your name and photo or that of another as a gift, just as I can with these MI6 SIS,-- CIA ---Mossad---or NSA and KGB documents. . These items look great framed and matted in a memorabilia display.

SALE: The leather credential cases normally sold with a set of ID at $52.00 are on sale now for a short period of time at $20.00. This will probably last about 2 weeks.

These are the real ID's made for collectors and theatrical productions, some come from counterfeited ID's . made by the NSA and CIA such as the KGB ID.s Others were made from actual ID's, which have been digitally entered in a manner in which the printer can replace the name, signature and photo with yours. So you now have the opportunity to bid on a most unique piece of Intelligence memorabilia. A winning bid allows you to select one (1) two card set of actual credential ID cards issued for the (CIA or NSA or MI6 or Mossad, Stasi Secret Police or KGB Intelligence) and have them custom made to include your name, or another, with photo, name, signature and dates of issuance of your choice. The name of the appropriate Director will be changed to match your dates. Leather credential cases are also available.

If you choose, you may add and buy one or more of the other Intelligence card sets, for a discounted price. If interested in this, just write telling me what you want to obtain and I will give you the discounted price.

Note: "If you want two of each card in the set you are winning or buying. I can provide an additional set at a small extra cost. If interested just ask.

Picture 3, shows the Secret Intelligence Service (known as MI6) ID card, a two card set made for a double window ID credential case, similar to US Intelligence and Federal Law Enforcement cases.

Picture 2, This is the NEWLY added FBI credential set with the FBI badge, and logo. The department of Justice logo is on the reverse.

Picture 3, This is the CIA ID Credential Set of two ID cards also for a double window case.. These are the credential ID's made only for covert Ops Agents sanctioned by the Director as a "Commissioned Agent" which have the authority to carry credentials with the black eagle logo at bottom right.( Note the CIA Special Agent Badge inside the black eagle logo) (A Commissioned Agent in reality, is the same authorization as a fictional Licensed to Kill Agent in the Bond stories) So these are not your ordinary ID set. They still fall into the same law noted above. It is not the ID, or the possession that is a problem. It is how it is used. These are all for the purposes stated above. .

Picture 5, shows the new FBI Special Agent Internal Affairs ID cards. These are different from the regular FBI set, in that the Internal Affairs badge is very different, indicating on the badge that is from the Internal Affairs Division and both the top half of the ID and the bottom half have the words Internal Affairs displayed prominantly,

Picture 1 shows the front of the actual NSA credential set with the NSA logo on the top card and the NSA Special Agent badge on the other. The back of this ID card indicates this agent is a "Commissioned" Agent. it also has the logo of the Secret Unit 7 NSA Agents, all of which are "Commissioned".