Collection of toys statues cards etc packaged MUST GO!

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  • Sold Date: Apr 13, 2007
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Okay, 's the deal. My Brother moved out and he left me with his collection of comics toys and stuff. He said i could sell anything in order to cover his portion of the rent for the next several months. I am not an expert on this stuff (i collect baseball cards), but i will do my best to give a little bit of info. I took as many pics as ebay would allow, so use that as a basis for what you are planning to bid.
I really would rather someone come pick this stuff up. I will ship if i have to, but t is so much of it that it's going to be $500 to ship everything. That will include the packaging materials,the time to do it,and the actual postage. SO PLEASE IF YOU ARE WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY AND ME THE HOURS THAT IT WILL TAKE TO PACKAGE ALL THIS STUFF UP. I would way rather someone pick these up. Can you tell?
If you come pick this up you can have the containers that some of the stuff is in, but if i have to ship i will be buying cardboard boxes to ship it in. Some of these toys are in large heavier plastic containers and such. They will not be included if i have to mail.
Okay, now that the shipping stuff is out of the way, i will try to tell you about what is included I may not get it all listed, so t will probably be stuff in the pics and stuff that is included that will not be in the list

1) Action figures that are still in the packages. I counted about 70 of them. Not ones i really recognized. I saw some x-men and a mr-freeze from Batman, but alot of stuff that i do not recognize. I did notice some starting line-up action figres in t Roger Clemens etc.. They are all still in the packages, but most are pretty dusty from being in the garage.

2) A bunch of action figures that are not in packages. I counted about 30 of these. They look mostly like wrestlers though.
3)some statues still in the box Kingpin,Storm,witchblade,jingle belle,Darkseid.some of these are heavy
4)Some un-opened boxes of DC versus trading card game.
5) binder full of comic cards. Look to be in great condition. Also a box with more comic cards in it, and some sets? that are in plastic containers
6)Several boxes of Yu-gi-yo! un-opened cards.
7) some spider-man puzzles, books, random spider-man stuff
8) Trade paperbacks, big books about comics,Some price guides.
9) signed art of a girl in lingerie with some signed trading cards
10)A yellow box with the Batman logo on it. When shaking it it sounds like t might be a model in t or something like that. It has not been opened.
11)Box with un-opened Hot Wheels and Johhny Lighning cars (did not count them)
12)Justice league backpack.
13) un-opened HUGE Castle grayskull playset. This thing is pretty cool. I don't know if it has any he-man with it but it is pretty heavy, so it must have some neat stuff inside the box.
14)A box containing a bunch of un-opened little silver Michael Jordan statues
That's just some of the stuff included in this lot. T's a bunch more that i am missing i'm sure. I am just getting tired of going downstairs to look in-between typing this.
Payment can be made by Check ,money order, or cash if you are coming in person. Just know that if you are coming in person that once you make a final bid that is what you are paying. You can come over on a day that is convenient for both of us a few days or so after the end of the auction. T is no negotiating the price after the auction is over. That's the price you pay or i have to alert ebay of a non-paying bidder. SO....Please only bid what you are comfortable with paying. Otherwise it's non-paying bidder and negative feedback time. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but i don't want to waste time getting rid of this stuff. If you win you may be interested in looking at some of the thousands of comics that are too. I will allow someone to look, but that is a seperate deal. I may be putting those up on Ebay soon depending on how this does. Thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck biddin...