Enchodus Libicus Saber Tooth Herring Teeth No Reserve

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Enchodus Libicus Saber Tooth Herring 21 Teeth Double Jaw- SUPER LONG KILLER FOSSIL TEETH @ No Reserve !!!

Complete Upper Cretaceous - Eocene age fossil fish teeth from the ferocious looking fish called the Saber tooth herring, genus E nchodus libicus sp. They were small to medium sized predators and their remains are commonly found as fossils having died in the Western Interior Sea which is now the North African country of Morocco . With the strange dentition, the Enchodus teeth normally hung down like a saber tooth tigers did, but also had a second set pointed upwards too, so you have four fang teeth as well as many more behind! A Vicious killer!

This Dinosaur Age Fish was found in the Khoribgan Moroccan phosphate mines and are thought to Cretaceous in age, perhaps between 96 and 66 Million years old. The sandy matrix is still attached in places adding authenticity to the mines they were found in great pieces! They are really dinosaur age beautiful slender fossilized teeth. The enchodus (enn-ko-dus) dined on squid and in turn was prayed upon by squalicorax falcatus, cimolichtlys and elasmosaurs.

This huge saber-tooth Enchodus fossil specimenâe(tm)s jaw measures 16 and 15 1/2 inches long in a matrix measuring 20 by 10 by 4 inches and 33 pounds! The 21 sharp fossil teeth vary in length from 1 1/2 to 2 inch lengths.

ENCHODUS TOOTH - Khouribga , Morocco

LATE CRETACEOUS PERIOD: 96 - 66 million years ago

This large predatory bony fish was easily the "saber-tooth tiger" of the prehistoric oceans. The seas of the late cretaceous must have been a terrifying place. Imagine salmon-like giant fish with fangs such as the one pictured These Enchodus teeth are found in the phosphate bearing matrix of the mines in Khouribga , Morocco . They will vary in size but all are large from impressive, monster-sized Enchodus fish. A very unique, collectible and affordable tooth from a fantastic prehistoric fish. Some specimens may have repair but overall condition is superb with fantastic enamel and preservation.

Judging from the massive fangs and teeth along with the streamlined body contour, the Enchodus was most likely a ferocious fish that struck it's prey with lightning quick attacks. Unfortunately, seldom is heard about this killer outside of paleontological studies.

I am fortunate to have come upon a direct Moroccan source for these large fossil complexes, so check my future auctions WEEKLY for more examples of this formidable creature.

The specimen listed are real fossil jaws and teeth that are created when the preparatory Moroccan craftsman removes actual insitu (as found) fossil jaw bone sections and real teeth from blocks of brittle, crumbly sandstone matrix and then composites (reassembles them from parts) back onto a block of original crushed matrix, which is then stabilized with a thin glue solution making the whole display very stable. These are NOT found in the ground as you are seeing them, they are composites that have been prepared and assembled for display. Whole natural jaw sections such as this would cost you thousands of dollars more and be encased in plaster since the matrix is so brittle.

As with the vast majority of Moroccan Trilobites and other fossils, some restoration and / or repair is evident in the fossil specimen, even with close-up pictures, it is difficult to tell which part of the fossil may have been restored, I am not an expert in estimating the percent of restoration, so you be the judge of the overall percentage of original fossil and matrix. All the fossils on display have been recently purchased from Moroccan wholesale dealers at the world-class Tucson Gem and Fossil show held in February of 2008. All pictures are of the actual specimen being auctioned.

Thanks for a bid, George

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