Eye-catching Silvertone Console Radio. United States, c. 1936.

Eye-catching Silvertone Console Radio. United States, c. 1936. Model 4586. This is a 10-tube console radio, with futuristic `tuning eye` (a quaintly atmospheric green flickering Radon tube), large powerful-looking single speaker, and very handsome cabinetry in multi-wood veneers and solids. The champagne-colored circular tuning dial shows that the set could receive both U.S. and foreign worldwide broadcasts. The controls were comprised in five brown bakelite knobs (one with chipping). Made, or marketed by Sears, this was their high end radio, costing a whopping $100 in its time (probably equivalent to several thousand dollars in today`s money). Wood nicely refinished, the speaker cloth perhaps original -- it certainly looks period. The cord was replaced a long time ago, but should be done again. Parts and tubes are still available for these old `symphony` machines. Height: 38`. To quote a Sears catalog.... `Powerful ... Beautiful ... Rich, Full Range Tone. Yes, this Silvertone has everything you need to get everything you want... It`s so powerful it brings in Foreign Stations and Long Distance American Stations with amazing Ease and Clearness.`