Fantastic Prismatic Faceting Machine Setup

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Fantastic Prismatic H 82 Angleometer
LED Electronic Digital Angle Display
Faceting Machine

This Well Built Prismatic H 82 Angleometer
LED Electronic Digital Angle Display Faceting Machine

Will Make All The Difference

New Post: Seller has recently instructed me to reduce the price on this machine from $1500 to $1350.

This well built faceting machine that you are bidding on is a Prismatic H 82 angleometer LED electronic digital angle display . I personally used one like this and found it to be a superb machine.
The previous owner of this machine kept everything in good condition. The original manufacturer is located in Clayton Washington and is still in business.

This machine has a CW-CCW and Variable Speed Digital LED Angleometer. It has a 96 Index Gear and 6 Laps.

Also 260 Like New Crystalite, 600 Used Crystalite, 1200 Used Crystalite, 3000 Used Ray Tech and Ceramic New Ray Tech.

A Master Lap Aluminum Used Crystalite, Dop Transfer, 45 Degree Table Dop and 23 Assorted Aluminum Dops.

The Facet Rough that comes with this machine is

60 cts of Melbourn garnet

450 cts of Amethyst

200 cts of Aquamarine

20 cts of Beryl

60 cts of Mixed Opal

350 cts of Mixed Quartz

55 cts of Citrine

55 cts of Topaz

200 cts of Mixed Synthetic Material

Books included are:

Intro to Meetpoint Faceting

Fundemental Faceting

The Book of Gem cuts Vol.1

Vol 1-7 Facet Design by Robert Long and Norman Steel


PRISMATIC INSTRUMENTS, INC. is pleased to announce that after several years of research we have designed and developed a facet heat which derives the angle of cut from an LED electronic digital readout display meter. This digital display meter has a synchronous reading with the movement of the dop arm. In other words, when the dop arm is moved up or down, the digital display meter registers this movement. Calibration is in tenths of degrees. Each tenth equals six minutes. The advantage of this system is reading direct numerals instead of matched line reading such as found on protractor or dial machines. The sensitivity of the digital display is in tenths of degrees which exactly repeats to a given angular position without backlash error. Tfore, the operator may see both the angle in numerals while at the same time being able to anticipate a stop point at a very precise accuracy. The facet head is of the side mount counter balance dop arm design. The dop arm pivot bearings are sealed ball bearings. It also incorporates two cheaters, one a compound angle cheater, and the other a full radial tooth splitter.

The dop arm is concentrically adjustable (Pat. #4,265,057) utilizing a floating collet for use with 1/4" dops. This facet head will fit on any of our present uprights. However, a new radial upright has been designed which is one inch in diameter and is stainless steel.

Digital Angle graduations 1/10 degree Positive angle stop

For repeat pressure reading. Registers the pressure that the operator exerts on the dop arm. The face of the dial can be adjusted or turned so that a light or heavy pressure can be registered. For a light pressure the indicator at rest should read .001 to .002 minus zero. For a heavy pressure .003 to .006 minus zero. Pressure is then exerted by the operator on the dop arm until the indicator pointer reaches zero

Precision Four Jawed Collet Chuck:

This chuck is a threaded self-centering type operated by hand, no set screw to cause misalignment due to uneven adjustment or pressures. The chuck is hexagonal which allows a wrench to be used for tightening or loosening if needed.
Set Screw in Collet End of Dop Arm: This set screw is a dop arm alignment feature which permits removal and replacement of the dop without need to readjust for previous alignment. The Standard Transfer Block is equipped with the s...