Final Fantasy 10 Sword of Auron Replica Gamer Reenactor

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Final Fantasy X~The Sword of Auron

Aurons Sword is 41 inches overall and is equipped with a 27 1/2 inch polished stainless steel blade. It has a leather wrapped handle and a detailed cast metal guard and pommel with an antique nickel finish. The flared blade is double edged and semi-sharp with Final Fantasy symbolic etching. Comes complete with a leather scabbard making it an excellent costume accessory for gamers or fantasy role reenactors. A fantastic gift for the Final Fantasy Fan. Can your Final Fantasy themed decor be without a replica of Aurons Sword? Beautiful replica and great quality.

Auron ( ???? , Aron ?) is a playable, fictional character in the Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix ) role-playing game Final Fantasy X . He is known in the world of Spira as a "legendary guardian " due to the belief that he was the only guardian known to have survived the process of defeating the creature named Sin .

His sword, though called a katana , actually appears to more closely resemble a nodachi or even the fictional zanbato . Auron's attacks are heavily based on the "Samurai" job class from previous Final Fantasy games, particularly his ability to break through his opponents' defences. This is also seen as a Knight skill in Final Fantasy Tactics .

Auron's character design calls to mind the quintessential "wandering ronin "; he bears more than a passing resemblance to the "Sanjuro" character played by actor Toshiro Mifune in the film Yojimbo . Both allow one sleeve to dangle empty while concealing the arm inside their robe, a ronin characteristic referring to the loss of a master (the symbolic loss of the sword arm). Auron's red cloak resembles the Arabic Bisht which is worn by men upon suffering from a life's gain or loss such as a marriage or death of a friend. Aside from physical appearance, both Sanjuro and Auron are largely silent, often brusque when they deem it necessary to speak, and are frequently seen scratching their chins. Internet rumors claim designer Tetsuya Nomura used a figurine of Mifune as "inspiration" when drawing the character; however, he has not admitted to this in any interviews. It should also be noticed that Auron bears a strong resemblance to Guts from Berserk as well, sharing a large sword for a weapon, an injured right eye, even a similar hairstyle and an odd use in their left arm. However, like Sanjuro, Nomura has not confirmed nor denied their similarities.