Flashdance Jennifer Beals Framed 'Alex' Poster

***REASONABLE BEST-OFFERS CONSIDERED PRE-AUCTION OR DIRECT PURCHASE - ITEMS TO BE SOLD VIA THIS VENUE ONLY (PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OFF-VENUE SALE)! Item/Description: Flashdance "Jennifer Beals as Ã,Â'AlexÃ,Â'" Wood-Framed Under Glass Hollywood Movie One-Sheet Poster. This is a SPECTACULAR image of a young Jennifer Beals, and a much more UNIQUE version than the usual Flashdance Posters also on the market (sheÃ,Â's DAPPERLY DECKED OUT in her Tuxedo-esque "Lobster-eating, playing footsies under the table" with Michael Nouri Outfit) ;~) Age/Period: Modern/Contemporary (1983 is the only noted copyright date - whether this is an Original 1980s Poster or a later reissue is UNKNOWN - Buyer is purchasing this for whatever they think it to be with NO REPRESENTATIONS being made either way by Seller, thus making this a "NO REFUNDS - FINAL SALE") Manufacturer/Identification/Markings: "1983 Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved T.M. Designates Trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation;" "Distributed by C/C Sales for Bennett International 1055 W Monroe, Chicago, Illinois 60607; Poster Manufactured by Bennett International Under Exclusive License from Paramount Pictures Corporation, The Trademark Owner" Material(s)/Format: One-Sheet Poster Wood-Framed Under Glass Size/Measurements: Frame - just over 22 Ã,½"W x 30 3/4"H; Poster - 20"W x 28"H Condition: Poster looks to be in EXCELLENT condition beneath the Glass, and Frame is also in EXCELLENT condition! ***PLEASE ADVISE US ASAP SUBSEQUENT TO PURCHASING THIS PICTURE IF YOU WOULD LIKE FOR US TO REMOVE THE POSTER FROM THE FRAME PRIOR TO SHIPPING SO AS TO LIGHTEN THE SHIPPING WEIGHT, AND THUS SAVE YOU ON SHIPPING COSTS (unframed the weight will only be 1-2 lbs)!***