Fleur Thiemeyer [Ozzy Osborne].

Costume designer Thiemeyer is best known for the flamboyant designs created for rocker Ozzy Osborne, and was featured in a 1988 `Theater Crafts` article on her Osborne creations. Married to a rock star (Mike of White Lion), she has also designed pieces for Olivia Newton John and the 1988 film Hear No Evil. Six sketches of costumes created for Ozzy Osborne by Fleur Thiemeyer. Designed for his 1985-86 tour, each piece depicts a different flamboyant look for the ex-Black Sabbath lead singer. Each costume features Ozzy`s signature draping coat richly accented with feathers, fringe, and metallic fabrics. All sketches are in colored with ink and graphite on paperboard, but for one simple pencil drawing. Each measures 18 x 12`. A few are lightly soiled at edges, one with a pinhole at upper center. Overall, in very good condition.