hawk underwater scooter aqua scooter - Brand NEW

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Underwater Aqua Scooter

**Brand New**

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Just In Time For Summer

We hear you, swimmers. We understand, houseboat owners.

It’s not fair, we know. Those landlubbers get to zip all around their parks on Segways and rocket-powered laser skis, while you have to exert all of your muscles just to make it to the corner store for a pint of milk. And there aren’t even any corners in the ocean. That can make it even worse! There’s got to be a better way!

Well, now there is. The Hawk SH-150.1 Scout Aqua Scooter is your ticket to lazy, unhealthy living, just like those fat jerkfaces back on dry land. With the Hawk SH-150.1 Scout Aqua Scooter in your hands, you’ll be enjoying smooth, steady up-to-three-mile-an-hour cruising through the briny deep, like an underwater Ghost Rider without a flaming head. Four to six hours of charging can give you a full hour of drive time.

Know how people love to look at otters? Well, now they’ll be looking at you! Nothing says class like a stranger who can’t swim! The Hawk SH-150.1 Scout Aqua Scooter works in oceans, lakes, rivers, pools, and very deep puddles that may be unsafe for humans. You may catch amoebic dysentery, but you won’t be tired out from swimming. Just from vomiting!

Everyone likes eating 8000 calories a day. But muscles are just a hassle. Pick up a Hawk SH-150.1 Scout Aqua Scooter and enjoy the slovenly, flabby body that is the birthright of every American… the fun way!

independent review:

In my life I have discovered that while physical adventure is good for the heart and soul, physical effort is overrated. Stone Mountain in Georgia is an amazing piece of work, and yes I would like to go to the top. Good thing they have those lifts to take me up. Otherwise I would be totally satisfied with standing below, looking up and saying "Wow!". Just the opposite with the Statue of Liberty. First time I went there I looked up and said, "Wow! She's beautiful." Then I learned that you had to climb stairs to get to the top of the lovely lady. My reply was, "Wow! She's beautiful.", and I took a photo and got back on the ferry.
Thank the Lawd for the Hawk Scout Aqua Scooter SH-150.1, or this brother would never know the joys of snorkeling in the Bahamas. What's that! I gotta put a mask on, stick a plastic tube in my mouth to breath, place giant flippers on my feet so I look like something Sea World should rescue, and then I have to swim half a mile out to the reef to look at fish that I can see on the Discovery Channel? Do you think I was born stupid?


The Scout can be used in the Ocean, Lakes, Rivers, or home pools

12v 7Ah rechargeable battery allows for a run time up to 1 hour on a 4 to 6 hour charge

Dive rated up to 65 feet

Speeds up to 3 miles per hour

Buoyancy tank ensures that the Aqua Scooter is neutrally buoyant helping to prevent it from sinking in case you let it go

Saves your energy when you go diving, snorkeling, or swimming

Compact and easy to stow away in the off season

Great to enjoy the water for young or older people


Power: 150Watts

Type of motor: High speed brushed gear motor

Battery Capacity: 12V 7Ah

Battery type: Sealed lead acid battery

Charging Time: 4-6 hours

Depth: 65 ft Rated

Max Speed (approx): 3 mph

Size: 24×15 x 12 in

Weight Capacity: 230 lbs

Weight with Battery: 17 lbs

In the box:

Hawk SH-150.1 Scout Aqua Scooter


Air Pump

Sealant Gel

User Manual


Buoyancy Tank