Hunter X Hunter Vol. 1-16 English Manga Comic MINT

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Product Description
Hunter X Hunter Vol. 01
Hunter X Hunter Vol. 01 Manga Hunter X Hunter - The huge Japanese hit from the creator of YUYU HAKUSHO makes its North American debut!
Gon quickly befriends two other Hunter wannabes: Kurapika, whoâe(tm)s motivated by vengeance, and money-hungry Leorio. The adventure begins when the would-be hunters run through a forest filled with dangerous animals âe" and even more dangerous rivals. Test taker Hisoka is killing off the competition! Hunter X Hunter Vol. 02
Hunter X Hunter Vol. 02 Manga Hunter X Hunter - Having passed the first exam, the honest, enthusiastic Gon and his accidental companions Leorio and Kurapika move on to the next two challenges: hand-to-hand combat andâe¦ cooking?!
Boiling eggs may sound simple, but the three are forced to perform the task while dangling from a rope over a ravine! Afterward, they must visit Trick Tower and face off one-on-one with its prisoners. Three test-takers on each five-person team must win their match and find their way out of the tower in order for them all to advance, but they only have 72 hours to do it! Hunter x Hunter Vol. 03
Hunter x Hunter Vol. 03 Manga Hunter x Hunter - The aspiring Hunters escape Trick Tower with only seconds to spare! The entrants are taken to an island for a Battle Royale showdown âe" hunt or be hunted! Gon is assigned to kill Hisoka, the aspiring hunter who killed the competition during the first test. The hunt is on.. Hunter x Hunter Vol. 04
Hunter x Hunter Vol. 04 Manga Hunter x Hunter - The fourth exam rages on as the Hunter hopefuls try to gain points by stealing each other's badges. Gon, Kurpirka, and Leorio fall into a trap set for another applicant and must face a pit full of poisonous snakes. When Leorio is bitten, Gon braves the snakes to snatch the antidote and a badge! Finally, the friends reach the end of the exams and the ultimate "reverse tournament"-the winner of each round automatically passes the Hunter exam, but the defeated keep competing against each other until the last candidate standing fails the exam. Killing an opponent means immediate failure-will Killua's rage stand in the way of his dream to become a Hunter? Hunter x Hunter Vol. 05
Hunter x Hunter Vol. 05 Manga Hunter x Hunter - Gonâe(tm)s new friend Killua may have run away from home, but that doesnâe(tm)t mean his family is willing to let him leave. Killuaâe(tm)s parents sent his older brother Illumi to keep an eye on him during the Hunter Exam, and now Illumi has convinced Killua to return to the family business of assassination. Gon is convinced that Killua must have been brainwashed, and sets out with Leorio and Kurapika to make an intervention. But before the newly licensed Hunters can try to talk some sense into Killua, they ha...