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Here's One of the

Beautiful Silver Coins

Issued by the Israeli Government

As Commemoratives!

Minted in 1974 - after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War (YOM KIPPUR). The "DAY OF ATONEMENT" is one of the Holiest Days of the Year. Many of Israels Sons and Daughters lost their lives defending their country. This coin is for the ceremony called "PIDYON HaBEN" the "REDEMPTION OF THE SON". Since the days of Moses the first born son was dedicated to the Temple and must be "redeemed" with a certain amount of silver - usually 5 Shekels. The 10-Lirot (pound) coin was used at this time and you can see 5 coins on a silver tray on the front.

It was a miracle to many people that the Jewish State had survived 25 Years so far. Its Very Existence would be called into Question in a year or so when once again War broke out.

By 1967 the Port of Eilat was a Crucial Strategic Point when Egyptian President Nasser decided to Blockade it and cut off Israel's Lifeline to Africa and the Far East.

This - and the sinking of the Battleship "Eilat" near Sinai - brought about the Six Day War that was over a lot sooner than anybody on either side had ever expected. In 1973 Israel's existence was again challenged and once again their bravery sustained them.

The Coin - 10 Lirot or Israel Pounds - is about the size of a Morgan Silver Dollar - a bit smaller but thicker - and its Silver Content - 90% PURE SILVER - is roughly the same.

This particular specimen is


It is absolutely guaranteed to be genuine and authentic!

It is Bright and Frosty White on both sides and retains some of that Mirror-Life surface typical of Proof Coins which appears dark because of reflectivity in the scanner. The color variations are the beginnings of a Frosty Toning which will continue until the coin is white all over, like most Morgan Silver Dollars that you see. There are hints of an attractive light plum-colored toning as well, which appears darker in the scan than "in person" . Some people prefer this toning as an indication of the many years it has remained untouched but it can easily be removed to display a mirror-like surface beneath. I can detect no trace of wear on it. Although the surface is not flawless I would rate it at MS-64 or higher. It's yours now for Well Below its Considerable Collector's Value . And that's not even counting its

Very High Silver Content!!!

New to Coin-Collecting?

"Uncirculated" means there is no trace of wear from being handled in trade. "Brilliant" means just what it sounds like and relates to shininess, not lack of wear. MS means "mint state", that it has not been in circulation but as is often the case it can have been stored in a bag with dozens of others and acquired "bagmarks" or "contact marks" in the otherwise smooth surface, because these bags may be moved many times over the course of decades.

This is not the same as "wear", which is the gradual abrasion of the surface over time from being handled a great deal .

MS-60 means "lots of contact marks", MS-65 means "very few"; MS-70 means "none visible even under magnification" and is an extremely rare grade.

I have written several GUIDES on how to evaluate coins.

You can find them by

About Me

I have provided a High Resolution Scan to Emphasize any slight Imperfections, although that has caused it to appear dull. It is much more attractive "in person". The Coin pictured is the EXACT SAME ONE you will receive. The pictures are images of both sides of the same coin. I'll leave it up to you to evaluate its condition; please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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