Keris kris Pedang Meteorite Kul Buntet Pamor Very OLD

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  • Sold Date: Oct 11, 2008
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This keris was in my collection for 3 years. I have too many kerises to handle, so some of them need to find a new home.

You all know the stories about the Indonesian Kerises. Its magical attraction to collectors, and the ancient stories of living kerises. If not, please read the other auctions on Ebay and you will get more and more information.

This is a so called PEDANG, but a rare one, because of its GONJO. Normaly pedangs do not have a gondjo. Then t are a number of very FINE pamor motives called KUL BUNTET. This is a spiral shaped pamor that is brought into the keris containg different meteorite/iron construction. This pamor should protect the owner agains evil. The spiral structure should throw away any evil that is sent to the owner in any kind or in any form. As you study the photo's of the kul buntet, you can see that it is of different meteorite or iron, it shows a little yellow, but is no copper, because t are no traces of green. Then t are small "silver lines" in the surface. I do not know the meaning. On the base t is a very complex structure as wel on the complete surface (see photo's). The wood is renewed. Most old kerises survive their clothing, and hilts and scabberts are often replaced and/or repaired. Please enjoy the pictures.

Other weapons that had its origin in Indonesia are: Rencong, tumbak, patrem, etc. Most of them were made of a combination of meteorite and iron. With magical spell's and formula's the empu (blacksmith) created a spirit into the keris, to help the owner in future.


If any of my kerises is not sold, these kerises will not be relisted and will return to my private collection.

Kerises were never used in combat, but protected the owner in a spiritial way.

This is a private (confidential) listing, so bidders will NOT be seen by other bidders.

Note (copy of a prior auction of mine):

These kind of kerises show up on Ebay now and then. More often at Sotheby's or Christies, but for different prices. If you like these kind of kerises, please watch the end of auction. T are 2 more days to go, and over 120 visitors at this moment. Last minute bidding could help on low-visited pages, but on busy pages, time flies. This is a rare Keris, tfor I put a reserved price on this item. This Keris will go to the new owner for the right price or maybe a little higher, due to the big number of visitors. Last century (1997) I went to an auction in Amsterdam at Christies. A nice Keris was offered for bidding. I was enthousiasic and decided to spend Hfl 3000 = $ 1800 then. But an American bought finally the Keris for over Hfl 20000 ($12000+). Some collectors just need that unique piece, and with Kerises unfortunately every Keris is Unique. This Keris will not go that high, because now adays Kerises are offered more often than in the past. In Holland a lot of regular kerises are for sale. Only the mystic interested collectors search for special amulets. You cannot see it on the outside, but these "wise men" kind of "feel" the keris. If they can "feel" it on a photo, I doubt it, but I don't know. On theis keris I was impressed by the size and the technical precision the blade was manufactured. The make the pamor welding meteorite and regular iron together, folding and folding etc. Then make the wanted shape. Put the blade in acid or something like that, and the pamor shows itself. Making the regular iron black and leaving the meteorite like silver. On Ebay sometimes books are offered about the making of ancient weapons. I recently sold a book about Indonesian art and culture. Any way enjoy the pictures. Thank you.

Extra for the high bidder:

I will add some incense and keris-oil to the package. It will be up to the new owner to use this or just to enjoy the beautiness of craftmanship of the empu, who made this superb spiritual equipement out of Heaven (meteorite), Earth (iron) and Spirit (character) into...