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This high quality collection is contained in a Lord of the Rings black cloth covered slip-binder / holder, with gilt titles & illustrations to front & back covers and each slip-case. Also included is the Lord of the Rings black & white fold-out map.
The last slip-case titled 'Booklet' is empty.

The serial was originally broadcast from 8 March to 30 August 1981 on BBC Radio 4 on Sundays from 12 Noon to 12:30pm. Each episode was repeated on the following Wednesday from 10:30pm to 11:00pm.

Some of the cast are:

Narrator: Gerard Murphy Frodo Baggins: Ian Holm Gandalf: Michael Hordern Sam: William Nighy Bilbo Baggins: John Le Mesurier

1. Shadow Of The Past: Opening Titles, The
2. Bilbo's Eleventy-Oneth Birthday Party
3. Curse The Baggins
4. One Ring To Rule Them All
5. Frodo The Ring Bearer
6. Black Riders: Opening Titles, The
7. Shadowfax
8. Road Goes Ever On And On, The
9. Frodo Entertains The Customers At The Prancing Pony
10. Gandalf's Letter
11. Knife In The Dark: Opening Titles, The
12. Sam's Song
13. Aragorn Tells The Story Of The Two Lovers
14. Lord Of The Nazgul, The
15. Precious, The
16. Boromir's Dream
17. Ring Goes South: Opening Titles, The
18. Climb To Caradhras, The
19. Gandalf Is Here!
20. Mines Of Moria, The
21. Gimli's Poem On Moria
22. Drums In The Deep
23. Mirror Of Galadriel: Opening Titles, The
24. Old Man In A Battered Hat, An
25. Mirror Of Galadriel, The
26. O Lorien
27. Temptation Of Boromir, The
28. Breaking Of The Fellowship: Opening Titles, The
29. Boromir's Final Journey
30. Treebeard
31. Pity And The Precious
32. Smeagol's Promise
33. Gandalf The White
34. King Of The Golden Hall: Opening Titles, The
35. Marshes Of The Dead, The
36. Winged Terror, The
37. Gate Of Helm, The
38. Gandalf Comes To Isengard
39. Battle Of Helm's Deep, The
40. Voice Of Saruman: Opening Titles, The
41. Pipe-Smokers, The
42. Saruman Speaks
43. Palantir, The
44. Teeth Of Mordor, The
45. Stone Of Orthanc, The
46. Two Towers: Opening Titles, The
47. Horn Of Boromir, The
48. Oath-Breakers, The
49. Precious Will Be Angry, The
50. Pippin's Oath
51. Forth Rode The King
52. Choices Of Master Samwise: Opening Titles, The
53. Minas Morgul
54. Worst Places In The Story, The
55. Shades Of Dunharrow, The
56. Smeagol's Plans
57. Lair Of Shelob, The
58. In Western Lands
59. Battle Of Pelennor Fields: Opening Titles, The
60. Grond
61. Battle Of The Pelennor Fields, The
62. Denethor's Downfall
63. Hands Of The Healer, The
64. Smoke Then And Think Of Him
65. Mount Doom: Opening Titles
66. Naked In The Dark
67. Mouth Of Sauron, The
68. Ring Is Mine, The
69. Bitter End, The
70. White Tree Of Numenor, The
71. As A Father You Were To Me
72. Grey Havens: Opening Titles, The
73. Breaking Of The Fellowship, The
74. What's Become Of My Ring?
75. Galadriel's Gift
76. Bilbo's Last Song
77. Lord Of The Rings, The (music)
78. O Elbereth Gilthoniel (music)
79. Road Goes On For Ever, The (music)
80. In Western Lands Beneath The Sun (music)
81. Seek For The Sword That Was Broken (music)
82. Shadowfax (music)
83. O Lorien (music)
84. Forth Rode The King (music)
85. March Of The Ents, The (music)
86. Battle Of Pelennor Fields, The (music)
87. Lament For The Fallen (music)
88. Gil-Galad Was An Elven King (music)
89. In Caras Galadhon (music)
90. Tree-Lords, The (music)
91. Gwaihir's Song (music)
92. Long Live The Halflings (music)
93. Healing Of The Shire, The (music)
94. Bilbo's Last Song (music)

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