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In 1947, the brilliant magical inventor Paul Fox, released one of his most cherished secrets to the fraternity...a gimmick that allows the card worker and mentalist to perform absolute miracles with a deck of cards. Designed for the demanding conditions of Paul Fox's own shows before the elite, this gimmick is a masterpiece of ingenuity... nothing but the deck is ever seen by the participants in the effect or the audience....the deck may be handled with perfect freedom...nothing is concealed in the fingers or in the hands. Yet, the Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick is at work, allowing you to perform genuinely baffling effects with a deck of cards...

is just two examples of effects using the gimmick:


A deck of cards is divided among five spectators. After shuffling, each person is asked to look his cards over and to just think of any one of them. Any spectator collects all of the cards and freely shuffles the deck . The deck is returned to the performer who explains that he will run through the deck and call off the cardfs as they order to "underscore" the mentally selected cards in the minds of the spectators, when they hear the thought of cards among the cards as they are read off. The spectaors are cautioned not to say anything or to give any clue if they hear the name of their chosen card.

Using the same deck , the performer gates a mental impression of each card. And....remember this...each chosen card is always removed from the deck and held up , with its back towards the audience, before the spectator is asked to name his thought of card . Only after being named is the card turned around to positively show that it is the one mentally selected. This is repeated unerringly with all five spectators..

ONE CARD MENTAL SELECTION - A spectator is asked to simply think of any one card that he sees in the deck and then thoroughly shuffle the deck. The performer now runs through the same deck and is always able to remove the correct card and hold it up before being named by the spectator and only then shown .

If the performer is challenged to "do it again", he may immediately repeat either the Five or One Card Mental Selection , or if he chooses, do one and then immediately follow with the other.

NOTE: Either effect may be performed with JUMBO cards for stage presentation..

The gimmick is everything. Remember, nothing but the deck of cards is ever seen by the audience. T are no duplicate cards in the deck! No false shuffling ! No sleight of hand ! No dials to set or twist ! No memory system or mathematical formula ! The gimmick does everything but whisper the names of the mentally chosen cards in your ear !!

NOTE - Cards can be mentally selected over the telephone !!

* Booklet contains 30 pages of very detailed instructions.