Forget chromeplated plastic, forget devices which split or break, this device is solidstainless steel. The original Fort had chrome plated brass rings, chrome plating can flake or chip, This has stainless steel rings.
Chastity can be a stimulating form of play for couples. It involves locking your partner in a device that will prevent him from achieving a full erection. Enjoy getting the most out of chastity play with the Fort Stainless Steel Chastity Device; a secure, high-quality, visually stimulating product.
NB: This is a Stainless Steel device. The cage is connected to the rings by 3 unbreakable steel pins separated by spacers making it a fixed connection which won't move about and pinch or rattle. Beware of nickel plated pewter (a soft alloy of tin, lead and other metals) devices with loose connections held together by the padlock. The shine on the FORT 3000 is from polishing, not from plating, which can flake off.
How-to-Use: The Fort Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Device
The Fort comes with 5 hinged stainless steel rings of varying inside diameters. With so much variety of adjustment, you can obtain a more secure, comfortable fit; this, in turn, allows your partner to wear the device for an extended period of time.
The spacers can be used in various ways by positioning it in-between the ring and cage or on the outside.. The hinged ring opens easily to make securing it behind the base of the member easy. You want to use the smallest size possible without causing discomfort. Next take the steel pin and slide it through the ring. Note that you may want to use the 1/2 inch spacer to give his sack some extra room. . You, then, put the cage piece through the pin and ring holes. Then add a spacer and secure one of our master locks (not included; sold separately) through the locking hole.
There is a thru-hole in the chastity device for urination which is big enough to use with a PA piercing.
You can also use two rings, making a very heavy and restrictive device although this leaves very little room for the scrotum.
It is also possible for some men to wear one or more of the rings as a ball stretcher using an appropriate lock or bolt to hold them together. Very restrictive if one ring is worn with the chastity device, and the other 4 rings stretch the balls.
Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Device Specs:

· Highly adjustable providing an excellent fit for most men.

· Includes chastity device, 5 rings, 1 spacer, 1 lock pin and 1 washer.

· Material: All pieces are Stainless Steel except for the1 washer which is mild steel.

· Ring inside diameters: 1.5" (38mm), 1 6/8" (44mm), 1.75" (46mm) , 2" (50mm), 2 1/8" (54mm)

· The tube measures 4" (102) in length, 1.5" (38mm) in width and 1.25" (32mm) inside diameter

· Keeps the man from obtaining a full erection

Cage: 6.2 oz (176g)
Ring 1: 4.25 oz (120g)
Ring 2: 4.64 oz (132g)
Ring 3: 5.01 oz (142g)
Ring 4: 5.17 oz (147g)
Ring 5: 5.56 oz (158g)