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Optimal Enhanced Water™ Bottle

(Includes 1 filter)

The Optimal Enhanced Water™ bottl e provides convenient, on-the-go clean water while you’re exercising, running errands or taking care of daily tasks—all without the cost or environmental havoc caused by the repeated purchase of disposable plastic bottles.

Now you can enjoy clean, great-tasting drinking water wherever you are with Mannatech’s improved Optimal Enhanced Water™ Bottle. Lightweight and portable, the Optimal Enhanced WaterTM bottle provides you with an easy, affordable way to drink great-tasting water!

The filter will last about 1 year. Well worth the cost of purchasing water in bottles!

The Naturally Filtered Mannatech Water Bottle is a personal, reusable water bottle that features a unique filtration system that not only purifies ordinary tap water, but also enhances the water for better absorption and hydration. With this special filtration process you'll have access to high quality water wherever you go.

Over the life of a single Naturally Filtered Mannatech Water Bottle you will eliminate the need for over 1100 plastic bottles and all of the monetary and environmental costs associated with collecting, bottling, warehousing, transporting and retailing of water that is already available from any tap around the globe.

Do your part to stop the waste now and save money in the process.

The Mannatech Water Bottle enhanced water bottle is the next evolution in water technology. Not content with merely replacing wasteful bottled water, we have combined the best portable filtration technology with rare Japanese stones and a patented enhancement process to produce an unparalleled quality of water.

The ultimate environment product. Eliminates 1100+ plastic bottles, reduces carbon emissions and conserves natural resources. Saves you up to $1000 in bottled water purchases per year. Only bottle to produce nourishing, better-than-bottled-quality, "enhanced" water without the cost or waste associated with bottled water. Assures you and your family of safe and healthy water... no matter where you go.

The Naturally Mannatech Enhanced Water bottle is your own personal water filtration system in a bottle. Utilizing a patented micro-filtration cartridge infused with coconut shell carbon, the system effectively reduces:

Aesthetics - Chlorine, offensive tastes, odors, silt, sand and sediment Chemicals - Industrial Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) Metals - Lead

The result is clean, refreshing and safe Naturally Filtered Enhanced Water, anywhere and any time.

Cartridge Life:
1 Year or 150 Gallons
(Approx. 900 Refills)

Filtration Media:
Micro-filter impregnated with coconut carbon

9.5" H x 3" W

Dry Weight:
7.5 oz

Bottle Capacity:
22 oz

Inside the Naturally Filtered Mannatech water bottle you will find rare Japanese stones that enhance water's already critical role in our health and well being. Specifically, these stones give three special benefits that no other bottled or tap water can deliver.

Increased Hydration - Improves the body's assimilation of food, nutrients, and vitamins and improves waste elimination Free Radical Protection - Reduces free radical attack on cells by introducing a mild antioxidant effect Cellular Health - Trace alkaline minerals stabilize the water's pH, creating an optimal environment for cells
From Left to Right
1. Quartz – Adds SolubleSilica and Polishes Taste

2. Tenko -Seki – Ceramics generates reduced ions, adding anantioxidant effect to the water to fight free radical damage

3. Bakuhan – Stabilizes pH and promotes an Alkaline state in the body. Bakuhan is the only stone certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health possessing natural medicinal qualities.

4. Micro filter infused with Coconut Carbon – Reduces Chlorine, Chloramines, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Trihalomethanes (THM’s), odor, tastes, and Heavy Metals.

5. Tenko -...