Matchbox Tootsietoy Ertl Hotwheel Die Cast Airplane Lot

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is a large lot of various military jets, commercial airline, helicopters, single engine planes, and many many more. Some of the manufactures include Matchbox, Ertl, Hot wheels, Tootsietoy, Corgi, Lesney, Road Champs, Zylmex, and more. I will be describing from left to right ,top to bottom, like a book in regards to the picture. I left a ruler in the picture to help scale sizes(not included). Paypal is the only method of payment accepted. T is over 75 planes. I don't know airplanes that well for specific types that they are unless marked on the plane itself. Most are in pretty good shape I will write the exceptions. Some scratches and paint chipping may have occured.

1. Silver USAF Ertl 1658S

2. Silver NAVY Ertl 1808S missing cab top

3. Grey USAF Ertl 1808S

4. Black US AIR FORCE 19841 Ertl 16876?

5. Green P-47 Thunderbolt NO 76316 China missing some pieces on bottom and propeller

6. Sky Blue B-2 Bomber Tootsietoy plastic bottom

7. Red white and blue helicopter Tootsietoy plastic bottom and propeller

8. VMFA-323 light blue Ertl 04206

9. Brown Camo B-1 Bomber tootsietoy

10. Purple blue F-16 Matchbox 1978 SB 24 Macau

11. Matchbox SB3 Space Shuttle 1979 Macau

12. Blue Grey White F-16 Matchbox sb24 1978 Thailand

13. Brown Green Camo Hot Wheels 1994 Attack pack

14. Good Goose Black missing cab A123 109E Messerschmitt

15. Green JN-4d China

16. Blue Helicopter Zee A147 YSH-2E Lamps

17. Zee white F-15 Eagle A211 Missing cab and nose

18. Grey Plastic China

19. Blue Police Mission HeliCopter Matchbox 1985

20. Green MIG 21 SB6 Matchbox 1973

21. Sparkle Brown F-4 China

22. Purple DC-10 Rubber matchbox Lesney

23. Light brown Tootsie toy P-40

24. Blue Yellow F-18 Hornet A124 missing right side missle

25. General Dynamics Red White Blue F-16 A144 Hong Kong

26. Unmarked Missing alot of red paint

27. Zylmex Chinook Copter missing a wheel

28. White Space shuttle pull back W22 1:370 China

29. Aeromexico Matchbox DC-10 crack on bottom 1973 SB 13

30. Zee Federal Express A202 McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Hong Kong Missing front wheels

31. Green AJ-37 Viggen A129 missing cab

32. Lufthansa Matchbox Boeing 747 Sb10 1973

33. Tootsietoy B-1 Bomber

34. Delta Boeing 727 Zee A205 missing front wheels

35. Spitfire IX Green A119 Missing front propeller

36. Light green Unmarked F-16 missing nose

37. 5 Micro Machine planes

38. Yellow Mirage F1 Matchbox SB4 1973

39. Blue angels F-18 Hornet A124 side missles missing

40. White F-15 Eagle A145 Missing nose

41. Continental Zylmex Boeing 707 A128

42. Ertl Space Shuttle Missing wheels

43. Green Zee Mustang P51-B Dyna Flites A108 missing cab and propeller

44. Corgi Space Shuttle Made in GT Brittan

45. Silver Plastic Made in China 96 LGT

46. Green And brown Camo A142 A-10A May be missing Cab ?

47. Hot Wheels Blimp 1991 Changes pictures on the side

48. Light Blue F-14 tomcat A143

49. Black Lockheed

50. Space Shuttle Discovery 1981 Pencil Sharpner China

51. Tootsie toy F-16 White

52. Blue and yellow single engine SE 5A China

53. Good Goose Black A123 Messerschmitt 109E

54. No. 2 Matchbox S2 Jet 1981

55. Blue F-14 Tomcat A143

56. YO Space Shuttle Taiwan

57. Zero A114 Missing propeller and cab

58. Green Road Champs P47-D China broken Propeller

59. Blue Zylmex F-14 Tomcat A143 Hong Kong

60. Unmarked Brown Missing nose

61. White A213 Grumman x-29A

62. Zylmex A223 YF-22 China

63. Yellow Kwik tv 4 Helicopter N32BPA Broken plastic legs

64. Black 1988 Matchbox

65. Green Plastic Marx USA

66. White Matchbox SB1 1973 Lea...