Michelin Man Bibendum ~ Michelin Woman Bibette Mascot

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The Michelin Woman ~ Je t'aime Bibette Raison d'être We thought t must be so many lonely Michelin Men out t so we thought it high time he benefited from the friendship of a Michelin Woman. As Michelin man blasts along Route 66 in the dead of night he now has a faithful friend and companion to keep him warm. No more hard shoulders (pun intended) and cold legs in the middle of the night, someone to say... "Bib darling... my headaches lifting". Our Bibette has been created mindful of the traditional 1930's Michelin Man art Deco theme, and apart from a few minor, though necessary (female) differences, remains faithful to the original vintage Michelin Man genre. This unique Michelin Woman isn't just rare, she's the only one of her kind in the whole world, we should know, since we made the master and the mould. So if you have it in your heart to make a Michelin Man happy, read on. Michelin Man (Bibendum) was originally based on the art work of the French illustrators O'Gallop and DDB Needham. The Michelin Man we all know today owes more to the work Walter Storozok, the creative director of Michelin North America.
This version is made from a solid block of high density polyurethane and has been designed and manufactured based on the original artwork of Storozok. She was created by using an innovative 3D CAD tracing method, (no hand cut guess work etc.,) thus re-creating the illustrator's original artistic intentions.

Michelin Woman comes with the embossed lettering "Michelin" across her chest(not just a painted or a stuck on label), she also comes with a monogramed stand with the embossed wording "Bibendum born 1898" along with a silver steel support pole; total height with stand 255mm (10") Bibendum on her own sits at 230mm (9") high; weighs in at 0.82 Kg and 1.05 Kg including stand.

Myths and not so FAQ's
Q: What about life expectancy?

A: Since our Michelin Woman is made from solid high density polyurethane he will almost certainly still be around long into the age when planets are being traded on E-bay. Hollow plastic Bibendums(especially hollow), blown, spun, cast or otherwise will eventually harden and become brittle with age when left in sunlight, check out those new plastic gutters on your des res 15 years on.

Q: Are they original? A: Yes... well in reality t's no such thing as a fake or an original when it comes to plastic moulded things, unless, that is, you own the original sculptured master and, or the mould. Anyone owning the master or the mould can start casting more anytime and just leave them out in the sun to age. Further to this, t's no way of knowing how many so called "original", "not a copy", "made in France" n all that's t are, thus their value being diminished by sheer weight of numbers and sunlight. Q: By buying would I be subscribing to, or part of, some third world exploitative twilight labour economy? A: No, our Bibettes' are 100% made in the UK, and have never set foot in some warehouse full of lady Bibette tramps, or look alike imports. This Michelin Woman is truly European, she was brought to life using, French software, and then in the first instance created using a Japanese machine in German model board. Tin manufactured using British chemistry, labour, and last but not least... Avec l'amour

Q: What is Polyurethane?

A: It's a strong plastic, to test the strength of the Polyurethane we did a test on a piece of Polyurethane section 1/2" X 2" wide. We drilled a 3/8" hole through and clamped the piece with a 3/8" cap head nut and bolt.

We torqued the nut and bolt up as tight as we could(by hand) using a spanner and Allen key, and the piece just didn't split.

Q: Can I lower a truck onto her tummy? A: No that would be fatal for our Bibette, but we think she could possibly withstand the weight of a car. In terms of compressive strength, she's right up t along with an engineering brick, she has a Shore hardness value of "D75/85", i.e. very near the hardness to that of a snooker ball. However If treated right,...