Mystical Tibet Dzi Bead--tuyu bead*z103

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How to maximise the power of energy dZi andhow to making full use of them for protection purpose

1, Dip the bead into crude salt water forabout 10-30 minutes. Then wash the bead in clear water.

2. Clean the bead with sandalwood oil.

3. Fume the bead with Tibetan barrier-prevention grass.

4. Bask the bead under the midnoon sunshine for 1-2 hours.

Dzi (pronounced as ZEE in Tibet) embraces the meaning of luckiness, powerful mental spirit and good wealthiness. In China, the earliest written history about Dzi is in Tang Dynasty (641 A.C). Wen Cheng princess of Tang dynasty brought a Buddha statue as her mother’s gift to Tibet when she married the emperor of Tibet at that time. Finally this statue was kept in The Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple Monastery, Lhasa. Tibetan people added thousands of various Dzi onto it, including three 9-eye-Dzi bead, 3-eye-Dzi bead, 2-eye-Dzi bead, immortal bottle Dzi Bead, tiger vein Dzi bead and other Dzi bead with eyes. Currently you can still see this stature in the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet.

Dzi has become the most precious jewelry in people’s heart with its long history, beautiful and mysterious legend, the pietism and respect by Tibetan people, and the generation-by-generation passing on.

Diameter32mm x Leng th71mm

One Eye Bead

The brightly shining Sun is associated with one. It represents confidence and strength. One eye bead is well received by those entering new ventures. One eye bead is often denoted with the symbol of a light at the opposite side. Such symbol represents a glowing light showing the path and instilling creative inspiration. The number one also signifies the desire to excel. Having the strength to move others to perform above their natural abilities is also an important characteristic of a leader. Like the Dharma, one is perfect in beginning, in the middle, and in the end. Each human being has the potential for growth and even enlightenment. We must treasure such an opportunity.

Two Eyes Bead

Ying-Yang speaks of the important of balance and harmony. The symbol of two eyes represents Generation and Completion. As there are two sides to a coin, and various views to a situation, two eye bead remind us of the importance of balance which bring about harmony. There is seldom a situation, which is absolutely good/bad or right/wrong. It takes effort to built harmony among people, and the reward can be great. In particular, salesman and negotiators will find a two eyes bead meaningful. Balanced views, harmony, cooperation, peaceful settlement are what the symbol of two eyes represents.

Three Eyes Bead

Three represent creativity and wisdom, thus often the three eyes bead is the choice of businessman as wisdom often result in bringing wealth. Wisdom and a creative nature is certainly an asset in solving problems and creating wealth. Being able to envisage obstacles is as important as being able to spot business opportunities. That's wisdom. We must be reminded that all the things we may gain are only for this lifetime. Thus, the important of sharing our blessings.

Four Eyes Bead

The four eyes bead is said to represent the working of the four protective Bodhisattvas namely Kuan Yin, Manjusri, Ksitigarbha and Sthamaprapta. These Bodhisattvas reminds us of the constant protection from them. Whether one is religious worker or a lay practitioner, one should be reminded that good is triumphant over evil, ultimately. If one is facing difficulties, remember that there is stability in chaos. There are many things which money can't buy - blessings and protection from heaven are among them. Thus, we need not value items, be it beads or amulets, by their value in dollars and cents.

Five Eyes Bead

Many auspicious symbols come in sets of five. Among such set is the Five Buddha Families comprising of Vairochana, Vajrasatvva, Amitaba, Amoghasiddhi and Ratnasambhava. Another set is the popular Five Auspicious Bats representing the Five G...