Nice 1964 Williams SOCCER wedgehead pinball NO RESERVE!

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  • Sold Date: Dec 05, 2006
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Nice 1964 Williams SOCCER wedgehead pinball NO RESERVE!
This is a nice looking old pinball. Great artwork, very colorful.
Note the inverted wedge-head design...similar to Gottlieb's but different.
The cabinet is in fine shape, as you can see
The original artwork is still t and looks pretty good!
Both sides are in decent shape
The backglass is not perfect, but it also has no serious problems. Just minor flaking in places
The playfield has some wear, but not bad wear. It has been fully waxed and polished.
are some closeups of the playfield...
This is w the backbox animation is...this ball gets kicked and it rings a bell!
Look Ma! A Back Door!
The innards of the head
The innards of the body...not bad shape!
The ball trough
Tons of original papers that come with the game
Including the complete schematics
This original factory shipping block was still intact on the game
Look how cool it is lit up!
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Working Condition Information

This game works well! It has a lot of action and strong flippers for a game that is over 40 years old. All of the coils work well - slingshots, bells, pop bumpers, saucers, flippers. The switches all work. The light bulbs all work.

In fact, as part of my "shop job" procedure, I went through the game completely and made sure that all these things worked well. The scoring works great too - not only the center main score, but both the red and the blue goals work well.

All of the above-playfield light bulbs (General Illumination) bulbs have been replaced with new ones. All the rubber bands have been replaced with new ones. The game has been fine-tuned to play as well as it can. And it plays quite well.

This is actually quite a fun game! It has very interesting and unique rules. The theme of the game is a soccer match between the blue team and the red team. In the center of the playfield, t is a soccer field with blue and red lights going from one end to the other. What happens is this. When you come through the top lanes, you either give the red team or the blue team the "ball". If the red team has the ball, the red targets light up and each time one is hit, the "ball" moves closer to the red goal (i.e. the red lights move closer). If you make it all the way to the goal with the red lights, then the red team scores a goal. If, on the other hand, you hit a target which changes teams, then the other team "steals the ball", and then you are going to the other goal.

This is a game with "Back-box Animation!" Backbox animation is a very sought-after feature in early EM pins. In this game, every time a goal is scored, t is a ball in the backglass that is kicked. It rolls up an incline and rings a bell. Really COOL!

So as you play the game, you are building up score, but also red goals and blue goals. T are several fun things to shoot for, a...