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  • Sold Date: Nov 28, 2006
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Only our Lord Jesus Christ can save us from the carnage of these wars! Much prayer is needed. Many believe that the End Times are upon us, and that our Savior Jesus Christ is manifesting Himself in more and more profound, meaningful, and even miraculous ways.
The first picture shows the entire leaf plaque. The second picture is composed of two photos. The left photo is the close-up of this truly stunning Jesus Christ image itself as it actually appears on the leaf. The right photo is this same close-up but specially rendered by computer to visually emphasize the image of Christ itself for a clearer view of the Christ image with minimal leaf background showing ( similar to a photographic negative and to the photographic research techniques done on the Shroud of Turin to emphasize the Body of Christ image in the burial cloth ). Please note that while the right photo of the image of Jesus on the leaf was processed using a computer, the image itself is NOT a computer image, and it is NOT, produced by using a computer in any way.
This Item is truly unique. This is not a mass-produced Item. The leaf is a real plant leaf that came from a living plant. T will never be another Item exactly like this one ever again.

Plaque frame is wood and brown, and is 6-3/8" x 8-3/8" x 5/8". Leaf is a fairly large 5-1/4" x 1-7/8" (at its widest) . Image of Jesus is 1-5/8" x 2-1/4".
Again, this is a unique and truly beautiful item. It is symbolic of Jesus's love of the beautiful, pure and bountiful living world He so generously provided us in the beginning, and to warn us to stop destroying His Creation.
To be sure you buy or win this truly beautiful and precious image of Jesus Christ on a leaf, then please be sure that you buy it right away (from my eBay Store), or you are its highest bidder (if on auction). It is perfect for your church, altar, shrine, chapel, religious retreat, nook, reliquary, sacrarium or chancel, hung on your wall (has metal wall hanger hardware in back), or fondly held in your hands during prayers, meditations, and the loving exercise of your religious faith. Or lovingly given as a gift to someone especially precious to you, suffering from injury or illness, or not long for this world. Please also inform those close to you about this very special and unique offer.
NOTE: This is a real plant foliage - not artificial - and not exposed to any kind of chemical treatment or chemical process. The image is not made by any ink, dye, paint or pigment stamped, painted, drawn, engraved, stenciled, stippled or tatooed onto the leaf. Nor is the image etched or burned on using heat or any kind of chemical or radioactivity. Nor is the image pasted, cemented or glued onto the leaf, or "straw art" or any other form of composite art. Nor is the image made by a computer, printer, plotter or photo printer. Nor is the image a reflection, optical illusion, double exposure, magic trick, or the result of any other optical or photographic trick or process. And I have never exposed the plant or its leaves to fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, or to any other chemical except rain water and tap water. After the blessed image of Jesus Christ appeared, I non-chemically and non-thermally preserved the leaf to be sure that the leaf, and thus its precious image of Jesus Christ, would be protected and preserved for a very long time. I also flattened the leaf using a standard flower press so that its Jesus image would have maximum clarity.
Please purchase today! If you yourself is not interested in this Item, perhaps others you know would be. Whether you bid on my item or not and you have an opinion or question about it, please email me. Thank you. - John J. Williams

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