PowerProof LP Oun Ganesha Thai Buddha Amulet + Necklace

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  • Sold Date: May 01, 2008
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For me, knowing the amulet is real is not enough

How much Power it has, is my most concern

After testing, I found this amulet has Outstanding Extremely High Supernatural Power

Powerful & Beautiful "God of Success" Ganesha Buddha Amulet

Blessed by 92-year-old powerful magic guru monk-LP Oun at Wat Tarn Gong

Comes with modern-design stainless-steel necklace

Lead Successes to your life, Excellent for Business men and Artists

Increase your Charm & Enhance your Wealth & Luck

Lead good support to you from surrounding people

Also Protect you from being injured by knives, guns or accident

** Guaranteed Real, Supernatural Power Proven **

This amulet is 100% real blessed by the powerful magic guru monk LP Oun who is now 92 years old and is one in the top ten most powerful magic guru monks in Thailand . I got this amulet directly from the hand of LP Oun at Wat Tarn Gong in Petchaburi province and already tested it to ensure the existing of hidden Supernatural Power which resides only in real blessed amulet. Please read more about this item below in red color. Not all real amulets will have the same magnitude of power. This amulet is tested and the result is at âeoeOutstanding Extremely Highâe power range. Moreover, this amulet has many kinds of efficacies which will help protect you and lead good things to you. I will explain more about test method to measure Supernatural Power later in the bottom paragraphs. The amulet is encased in top-quality stainless-steel case and comes with modern-design stainless-steel necklace ready for wearing. The necklace of this design allows you to put many hook rings hanging in the holes to put more amulets in the future. However, if you want to change the necklace, please let me know. Please note that t is a temple code stamped at the bottom of the amulet which fake amulet cannot copy the same (please see in the red circle in the picture).

I have spent more than 4 years time to find an effective method to sense and measure the magnitude of Supernatural Power which exists only in real amulets. I am 50-year-old, native Thai Buddhist, master-degree engineer, living in Bangkok and seriously collecting Thai amulets as my most favorite hobby. Although, I have much experience on how to identify real & fake amulets by physical inspection but I found that some fake amulets are impossible to identify since they are built by very professional makers and look 99.99% the same as the real one. Hence, before I buy most amulets, beside physical inspection, I need to use the method resulted from my 4 years research to sense and measure the inside Supernatural Power to ensure that they are genuine and were already blessed by powerful magic monks who transferred the Supernatural Power into the amulets. This is important to me since I do not want to buy or wear any fake amulets which do not have any power and that is not different from wearing toys.

The amulet of this design is called Phar Phikanetr or is known as Ganesha amulet. T are a lot of Ganesha story on internet that you might search and read for more details. Thai people believe that Ganesha is the âeoeGod of Successâe so you might see many Thai artists wearing Ganesha amulets. Also, Ganesha could bring Wealth & Luck to you and enhance your charm. As success is the goal for every business , this Ganesha amulet is also excellent for business man. It is also believed that amulets blessed by LP Oun has many kinds of efficacy which include Harm Protection which can protect bearer from being injured from any kinds of weapons. Luang Poo Oun is one in the top ten most powerful magic guru monks in Thailand . If you go to Petchaburi, a province in the South of Thailand about 300 km from Bangkok, and ask anyone t who do you think is the most powerful monk in this region and let him mention 3 names, Iâe(tm)m sure that among 3 names you would hear the name of LP Oun as everyone t know and extremely respect LP Oun....