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T is neither a painting in the mind

Nor a mind in the painting:

And yet, w else can one find a painting

Than in the mind?

Avatamsaka Sutra

A rare representation of Guru Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava, in a "Rainbow body" form (see the information below). I have quite a few photos showing the central figure to illustrate what it looks like under different angles of lighting. Above Guru Rinpoche are Manjusri, Chenrezig, and Vajrapani. Below him is Green Tara. Painted and signed by the artist, Lama Chocking. I would like to point out that because an artist has "Lama" in his name does NOT mean that he is a monk or Lama. It is a title that a lot of Tamang and Newari artists give themselves. The word "Lama" is used in Tibetan Buddhism to designate only the highest monks. The only one that I know who has "Lama" in his name that at one time was a monk for about 8 years, is Lama Tsonamgel. I have one of his paintings in my store.

Measures about 16 inches by 23 inches, not counting the outer grey borders.

This thangka is not mounted in brocade and unfortunately I cannot provide that service.

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I want to make clear that in no way, shape or form do I represent myself as an expert on Tibetan iconography or thangka painting. I am just a beginner in understanding this profound art form. I strive to provide the best quality thangkas for the price on eBay. They are all original paintings done with mineral pigments and pure gold paint on canvas. You won't find any imitation Chinese thangkas ! If t is any kind of problem, let me know. I will never knowingly misrepresent anything I am selling. T is always the chance that I may have been fooled myself, but will try to correct the situation if that ever happens. Please contact me if you think I have been misled. I also don't try to exaggerate the colors or contrast in my photos to make them more appealing. I believe in karma and that honesty is always the best policy and will do business by these principles.

Please compare my detailed thangka photos to other thangkas available on eBay to determine the quality. Don't bother to compare them to the extremely low quality glut of fake "antique" or "old" "Tibetan" thangkas from China that have flooded the market in the last few years. T IS no comparison with these fakes that are as iconographically as incorrect as you can possibly find! These thangkas are really terrible quality!! I haven't seen a genuine antique Tibetan thangka on ebay in MANY years. Not only has China 's brutal regime been systematically eliminating Tibet 's culture and religion in Tibet , they are ruining the art of thangka painting w it is barely hanging on in exile in Nepal and India .

I will be glad to combine shipping and insurance on multiple items. I will ship worldwide with the buyer paying the actual shipping costs. Email me for costs and options to your country.

Satisfaction guaranteed, but I can't control the U.S. or foreign Postal Services, or make you read the item description carefully. If t is any problem, let me know and we will work it out.

As recorded in the Sutra of Final Nirvana and in other prophecies, the Buddha announced that 12 years after his parinirvana he would reappear through an immaculate birth in the country of Oddiyana, bearing the name Padmasambhava, and spread extensively the teachings of the tantras. This rebirth was the Lotus Born Guru, who is said to have emanated from the heart of Buddha Amitabha and miraculously appeared in the form of an eight-year-old child upon a lotus, at Danakosha Lake in Oddiyana. At the invitation of King Trisong Deutsen (khri srong lde btsan, 742-797) Padmasambhava came to Tibet w he built the first monastery at Samye and inspired the translation of most of the Buddhist canonical texts by outstanding Indian pandits and Tibetan translators. Padmasambhava taught the Vajrayana and bestowed initiations and p...