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  • Sold Date: Jun 17, 2008
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RARE #3 Cast Iron Farm Bell MADE IN USA FOUNDRY Well, it finally happened. After being in business for over 30 years another American company has suffered at the hands of the imports. Ed Thomas has closed his foundry in Alabama and has ceased all operations. What this means is that after we go through our remaining inventory of bells the only way that you will be able to purchase a USA made farm bell will be to find one second hand. Now is your chance to purchase a #3 bell for $149.99 BEFORE we run out....not a sales pitch, just the unfortunate truth. As of 6/16/08 we have approx 6 #3's and 1 #1 bell left . We are sold out of the #2 bell.

for an AVI video of the bells being made. If clicking the link doesn't work, right-click and choose "save as" to save to your computer. This is the most trouble free way to view the video.

VIDEO 1 This video shows Ed pouring a #2 farm bell. The molten metal changes from a liquid to a solid in a matter of minutes.

Please Read This BEFORE You Bid!

Notice the picture of the bell bracket that is by itself. Scroll down and look at the top middle picture. The "3" is transposed and looks like an "E". This is what happens when someone doesn't pay attention while on the job. The bell bracket that you will receive WILL have the "E" on it. It WILL NOT have the "3" on it. The yolk (on top of the bell) will be correct and have a "3" on it. If this is an issue, please do not bid! The bell will ring just as loud and clear as any other bell. I jokingly told ED it was his initial.....he was not impressed. Your bell WILL have some rust on it. The rust begins to form very soon after leaving the mold. Your bell WILL NOT be painted. Use any spray paint that is suitable for metal. No need to prime.


This foundry was started back in 1972 by Ed's father. Doing mostly light industrial work, they saw an opportunity to expand their line with farm bells when the C.S. Bell Company stopped making bells back in the 1980's. C.S. had been making bells since some time in the late 1800's and at rates of 20,000 plus per year were the most widely used farm bells on the planet. C.S. is still in business but no longer makes bells.....mostly industrial equipment. Ed and his father have done well until the imports with their lower price (and quality) have finally taken their toll. The foundry (see pictures below) no longer exists.

We invite you to look through the pictures that we took while visiting this truely unique foundry. It was incredible to me how they could take a piece of solid steel or aluminum and make it as fluid as water! The particular bell that you are bidding on was made at this foundry.


For those of you looking for a bell with more impact than our traditional #2, this bell is for you! At 70 pounds , this bell is a full 18 pounds heavier than the #2 and has an even more incredible ring. For you "old timers" that are familliar with the C.S. Bell Company and farm bells....do you see the resemblance between the two? The trained eye can spot it right off the bat! Ed's father purchased the molds from the C.S. Bell Co when they stopped making farm bells in the 1980's. You are purchasing a bell that has been poured from molds dating back to the late 1800's....talk about a piece of American history!


Ed told us that the size numbers on the bells would indicate how far they could be heard in the quiet countryside....#1 would be 1 mile, a #2 would be 2 and so forth. I don't know how much truth t is to that but it makes sense to me. Bells were used on farms mainly to communicate trouble of some sort to your neighbors which may be miles away. Whether Billy-Bob accidentally set the house on fire or Peggy-Lou was havin' a baby, ringing the farm bell for help was much quicker than saddlin' up the horse.

Think carefully before purchasing an imported bell that is most likely made from pot metal....remember, you get what you...