Ricoh 35EF and Mamiya 135AF 35mm Cameras

Ricoh and Mamiya 35mm Cameras

Two examples of 60's - 70's Japanese film cameras. Both of appeal to "lomographers" - but also capable of producing good quality pictures... Both have threaded filter mounts and will compensate the exposure for filters.

Ricoh 35EF

Manual film advance and rewind. Auto-exposure: ASA 25 - 400 Fixed shutter, auto-aperture control. Manual focus: zone symbols and metres. Lens: Color Rikenon 40mm f2.8. Metal 46mm(?) filter mount. Pop-up flash Button-cell battery for light meter, single AA cell for flash (optional). Predominantly metal construction: all external housing is brass or steel. Central tripod bush; cable release fitting.

Mamiya 135AF

Manual film advance and rewind. Auto-exposure: ASA 25 - 400 Programmed shutter-speed and aperture control. Auto focus, with distance displayed in the viewfinder. Lens: Mamiya-Sekor 38mm f2.8. 46mm(?) filter mount ring. Built-in flash with "low light" warning LED. Two AA cells power all functions. Predominantly plastic construction with a metal back. Offset tripod bush; cable release fitting.

Condition: Ricoh

A sturdy, good-handling camera. Complete with strap and original lens cap. Clean and in good condition, with only minor wear-and-tear. The light seals look a little perished, as would be expected in a camera of this age (over 40 years old). Mechanics are excellent, the aperture setting is displayed in the viewfinder and is tracking the light level correctly, although I cannot verify the calibration. The diaphragm and shutter blades are clean and the shutter is crisp and quiet. The lens is very clean.

Condition: Mamiya

The plastic case shows the wear more than the metal of the Ricoh, despite being a more recent model. The auto-focus can be seen to operate correctly in the viewfinder display, the shutter is crisp and quiet and the internals are clean. The shutter speed and aperture can be seen to adapt in a programmed fashion but, again, I cannot verify the calibration.The flash is working. The lens has very minor fungus damage on the front surface, not visible to the naked eye and unlikely to degrade any images. It is otherwise clean and in very good condition. The light seals are in good condition.

Mamiya-Sekor lenses have a very good reputation and this camera is likley capable of producing very good quality images. There is no strap, lens cap or case.

Sold as one lot. They will be well packed.

Returns accepted only if I have misled in the description.