VERY RARE saps used only by police ..price has dropped

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saps you may know it as bullybat that police use bucheimer leather denver

Blackjacks and Saps

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Saps and Blackjacks

There are 3 basic "loads" in a lead filled sap;

Lead powder Lead shot Lead clay, molded

There are 6 basic types of Blackjacks/Saps;

Round body with a flat or coiled spring in the handle for increased "whip." Flat body with a flat or coiled spring in the handle for increased "whip." Round body without spring in handle.
Flat body without spring in the handle. Sap Gloves Palm Saps

There are 2 basic exteriors;

Plain Basketweave

The most lethal type of blackjack is a round body with coil spring in handle.

The safest type of blackjack that still offers knockout capability is the flat sap with lead shot and no spring in the shank.

Round 'Jacks concentrate force whereas the flat type spread the force out. Round saps can actually break bones with relative ease. The introduction of a spring increases the possibility of this along with the round shape.

Basketweaved leather increases the severity of damage done to the skin, to a greater degree than a regular finished, smooth leather sap will.

"Sneaky Saps"

The "Palm Sap" was a cylinder of lead encased in leather and had a strap so you could secure it in your palm with the strap going around the back of your hand. Invisible at night for sure. Some Police Officers used to simply love these types of Saps because when used in front of other "Tough Guys," because it looks like someone being knocked out by being slapped open handed. If the Officer kept the "secret" well, he would develop a reputation on the street of being able to knock someone out by slapping them upside the head. The best way they were used was in a crowd of people causing trouble, taking out the Big Mouth in the group.

The Key Fob Blackjack. This was a miniature 'Jack that had a grommet placed in the leather on the end...and you could whack someone with your keys in your hand. Most were only about 4 or 5 inches long. Think of a small Blackjack in the form of a Kubotan bit with a noticeable "pouch" on the end like other ‘Jacks.

Sap Gloves. I'm sure everyone is familiar with these nasty items. Very good leather gloves with powdered lead sewn into the knuckles. Most Departments banned these along with the others to avoid the so-called, "Gestapo image."

A Blackjack by any other name…

Although the years have blurred the terminology, a Jack is technically round and the Sap is flat. Saps are also called, "Slappers, Slapjacks," etc.

I have owned Bucheimer, Jay-Pee and Bianchi Blackjacks and Saps. My favorites were a Bucheimer "Midget" flat sap and a "Bull" blackjack and a rather large Bianchi flat sap. I don’t recall the model name or number of that Bianchi, however. The Bianchi was similar to the "Big John" from Bucheimer though.

My Bianchi was about a 10 inch flat Sap, had a flat spring in the shaft of it and a belt/pocket clip, the exact same type you would see on the back of older Gerber Boot Knife Sheaths. This was indeed an impressive close-quarters weapon that would absolutely put someone away quickly if it landed accurately and powerfully.

Bucheimer is out of business and Bianchi no longer makes saps as far as I know. I wish I could get a couple Bucheimers and the Bianchi I had again...when I stopped working for an Alarm Company, I gave the few I had to friends in Law Enforcement and figured, "I’ll just get another if I need one." (This is a disturbing pattern I have) Now the only thing you can find is flea market garbage, they’ll do in a pinch, but they’re nowhere near the quality of the Bucheimer and Bianchi Products.

The Blackjack and Sap used to be so popular with Law Enforcement in America that alot, if not most, Police Uniforms came with a long and narrow "Sap Pocket." That speaks volumes.

Blackjacks/Saps: Bad to the Bone

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