Shots Moves Strategies One-Pocket Pool Robin's books

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FYI out of lizard andco-author signature editions and P3C books for years, W1P books for months, but still have these SMS s!

Auction Overview: This SHOTS, MOVES, & STRATEGIES -- as taught by the game’s greatest players (SMS) is easily the most comprehensive ever published on the shots, moves, and strategies of the one-pocket game for it illustrates hundreds of moves needed for both intermediate and professional levels. Many photos and illust., 328 total pages, Apr 1996. This auction is of a single, 1996 edition SMS leftover from when went out of business in 1997; this SMS book, however, is in NEW EXCELLENT CONDITION. This book has not been previously sold or even opened, and so, though a leftover from when published in late 90s, it can still be considered as new.

Description of this SMS Book: This hard-to-find out-of-print, 3lb, 8.5x11 format, hardcover, one-pocket book has a great many photos. As per 1996 billiard mag reviews; as with the first book of the set, WINNING ONE-POCKET -- as taught by the game’s greatest players (W1P), the SMS book may be the ‘’finest billiard instructional book ever.’’ The SMS continues from where the W1P left off with "shots, moves, and strategies. Author, book designer, and publisher, Eddie Robin, as with W1P, created this SMS book with help from six co-authors; all six have won multiple national and/or world titles. Many have asked if there were two printings of this work as was done with my W1P book. No, no, no; there was but one short-run printing of the SMS book because, unlike the first-edition of W1P, it was not full of errors resulting from a printer's faulty conversion program.

Rumors Re Extra Printings: I can't do much about such rumors for there are a bunch of unethical people in our billiard world who will spread them and they seem to have several friends each hiding behind user names to back up whatever lies they wish to spread. Many have insinuated that there were two printings of this SMS book. No, there was just the original printing of around 3,500 SMS books (approx 250 were later stolen along with even more W1Ps and 500 water damaged when storage unit flooded). There was only one printing of the P3C books as well (around 2,500) but some of those seemed different from bindery running out of the covering material; replacement covering material was slightly different in color and texture. The only 2nd printing done on any of my books was around 8 years ago with W1P books, and that very short run simply made up for most of the stolen W1Ps and those damaged in a flash flood of 1999 I believe. Truth has a way of getting out with time and sooner or later those spreading rumors will become more and more obvious to all. Shame it takes so long.

On different subject, I'd recently seen posts online re which of my books are best. I should know them as well as anybody and even I just can't answer that one in a single sentence and possibly not even in a single paragraph. Either of them can be considered best depending on what game you play, how well you play, your style of play, how much you care about entertainment, knowledge, billiard history, etc., etc., etc. I'm quite proud of how I'd managed to learn a lot about position play in 3-cushion billiards, but that P3C book (hope to publish the revision and brother books someday) was the easiest for me except for doing hundreds of diagrams by hand; the writing of the book to point of semi-final draft was just three days. That book, as with the one-pocket books and all my intended books, is just the first of a series on its subject matter. Squirrel, was once adamant as to how the SM&S book was far superior to the W1P book. I understood why he thought that and then explained that the better players won't learn as much from the W1P and that it would be the weaker players, of which there are far greater numbers, that will actually consider the W1P book as the better of the two. From what I've recently read on AZBs, it seems I'd hit that nail on the head!

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