Sony TC-366 TC366 Belts & manual tape recorder reel to

The belts and a repair kit for Sony TC366 reel to reel tape recorders

I have developed a complete kit containing belts and fully illustrated, step by step instructions to repair these popular recorders.

The most common problem is that the drive belts stretch and perish with age and need to be replaced.

The kit includes new belts and a 22 page, bound, A4 Instruction manual with step by step instructions.

The manual covers all aspects from dismantling and replacement through to cleaning and lubrication.

Sony recommended lubrication every 500 hours so your machine may be well overdue.

The good news is that the kit contains everything you will need to get you machine working correctly again.

The Kit covers the TC-366 version. If you have the TC 377 TC 378 or TC 399 then please see the the other listing for the correct parts.

I have other listings with parts for other Sony TC reel to reel machines including the reel retainers for the TC-366

The instructions cover all of the differences between the different versions.

The manual is full of hints and tips, ideas, diagrams and photos. It contains all the information you will need and explains the best way to go about it.

Importantly, it contains vital details such as how to dismantle the machine correctly without damaging anything and which screws not to remove to prevent irreparable damage.

You will need a few tools such as various screwdrivers, pliers etc. None of the tasks requires specialist skills, Common sense and very basic electrical / mechanical knowledge are required. If you can’t put a 13A plug on and don’t have pair of pliers then this is probably not for you. I can repair machines to order as required.

Do they work? Users of my range of kits have commented:

Superb item, just what is needed, what a great chap, well done!!!

Never mind the parts the instructions alone are worth the money

By the way excellent kit....Many thanks for your help.

Superbly detailed instructions supplied with new parts.

My husband has now repaired his machine and is one very happy bunny being able to listen to all his old music reels again! :o) The instructions were excellent and he managed to do his repair in an evening. Many thanks for all your help.
First-class service all round, a truly excellent item. Highly recommended.

Many thanks for your comprehensive instructions - Eddie
Hi David, Excellent instructions and belts fitted perfectly. Now up and running, what a treat to here my music again. Many thanks Bryan

One of the best sellers on eBay really professional, helpful fast delivery

Dave, Thanks for the prompt postage of the kit. ....kit is in great condition and it has made an old man very happy. The instruction manual was very well written. Thanks again.
Thanks so much for you help and the supply of the kit and instructions, I doubt I'd have bothered or succeeded without them. - Ian

The instructions are available at a fraction of the cost that restored recorders sell for.

So at last you can repair that old and treasured recorder that has been sitting in the loft for years.

All components and materials supplied are new.

Dispatch usually within 24Hrs by 1st class post.

Please note that the instructions do not cover any electrical or electronic repairs so please try your recorder out to check the electrical side is working. If you need any assistance please get in touch and I'll give you some simple tests to try.

Payment by PayPal, cheque or Postal Order please. I offer a full 7 day return policy.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer them.

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