Star Trek Tech Manuals Collection

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I can't beleive I am putting this package on line!!! This is by far the most complete tech manual package around!! 114 Tech manuals in this package!!
I could part it out at $3.99 each manual making this a $400.00 plus package, but I am offering this at the unbeleivable price of $ 19.99 thats right $19.99
you get all this for so little!! Don't let this one get away. I am only Offering a total of 25 packages After this offer I will be selling them in groups!

Klingon Military Power (appears to be an early draft).pdf
Klingon Military Power - Volume One - Ships.pdf
Ships of the Star Fleet Volume 1 - Cruisers.pdf
Ships of the Star Fleet Volume 2 - Patrol Combatants.pdf
Ships of the Star Fleet Volume 3 - Scouts and Escorts.pdf
Ships of the Star Fleet Volume 4 - Star Fleet Operating Forces.pdf
Star Fleet Prototype.pdf
The Best of Dockyard Review (Volume 1).pdf
The Best of Dockyard Review (Volume 2).pdf
Timeline of Early Earth Space Exploration.txt
Expanded Spacecraft Operations.pdf
Starfleet Operations Manual.pdf
Complete List of Crewmembers of the TOS Enterprise.txt
Comprensive Star Trek Fandom Timeline (version 1.7).TXT
Klolode Class Musings.txt
Location of All Major Planets & Systems.txt
USS Stargazer (TNG) Musings.txt
What's Wrong with Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise.TXT
Star Trek Annotated Timeline.pdf
Star Trek Vulcan Language Book.pdf
Starfleet Uniforms.pdf
The Klingons Starfleet Intelligence Manuel.pdf
The Four Years War.pdf
The Romulan War.pdf
Klingon Ship Recognition Manual.pdf
Klingon Ship Recognition Manual II.pdf
Revised Klingon Ship Recognition Manual.pdf
Federation Ship Recognition Manual.pdf
Federation Recgonition Manual II.pdf
Revised Federation Ship Recognition Manual.pdf
Romulan Ship Recognition Manual.pdf
Gorn Ship Recgonition Manual.pdf
Federation Ship Recognition Manual 2385.pdf
Klingon Map.pdf
Orion Map.pdf
Romulan Ship Recognition Manual 2385.pdf
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual .pdf
Star Trek Star Charts (Geoffrey Mandel).pdf
Star Trek TNG Technical Manual.pdf
Star Trek TNG Writer's Technical Manual (fourth season).pdf
Star Trek Voyager Technical Manual (never published).pdf
The Klingon Dictionary.pdf
TNG Writer's Technical Manual.pdf
Star Trek Space Flight Chronology (bad FASA timeline - referenced on screen in TNG).pdf
Federation Reference Series (SFTM sequel).pdf
Ships of the Star Fleet 2290-91 - Volume 1 - Cruisers & Frigates.pdf
Ships of the Star Fleet 2290-91 - Volume 2 - Perimeter Action Ships.pdf
Starship Design magazine (2280).pdf
Star Fleet Reference Manual - Volume 1 of 3 (second edition).pdf
Star Fleet Reference Manual - Volume 2 of 3 (first revised edition).pdf
Star Fleet Reference Manual - Volume 3 of 3 (first edition).pdf
The Best of Jackill's Starfleet Reference Manuals.pdf
Federation Fleet Manual.pdf
Jaynz' Ships of Star Fleet 1.pdf
Jaynz' Ships of Star Fleet 2.pdf
Jaynz' Ships of Star Fleet 3.pdf
Jaynz' Ships of Star Fleet 4.pdf
Jaynz' Ships of Star Fleet 5.pdf
Jaynz' Star Fleet Ship Identification Guide 2265.pdf
Ships of the Constitution Era.pdf
Ships of the Tech Manual.pdf
Star Fleet Ships of the Baton Rouge Era.pdf
Star Fleet Starship Weaponry 2268.pdf
Star Fleet Volume 1 - Ships of the Line.pdf
Star Fleet Volume 2 - Ships of Support.pdf
Starfleet Compendium.pdf
Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise (revised edition - bad FASA timeline).pdf
Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual.pdf
Star Trek Next Generation Technical Journal .pdf
Weapons & Field Equipment Technical Manual.pdf
Worlds of the Federation.pdf
Star Trek Timeline (adjusted).doc
Star Trek Timeline (original).doc
The Physics Of Star Trek.pdf
Orion UFP Chronology.htm
Enterprise Sourcebook.pdf
Enterprise Update.pdf
Planets Of The UFP.pdf
Ship Recognition Manual - 01 - Federation Star Fleet.pdf
Ship Recognition Manual - 02 - Cardassians.pdf
Ship Recognition Ma...