Starting Lineup MLB "Doubles" Collection set of 8 NIB

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  • Sold Date: Apr 05, 2011
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Starting Lineup MLB "Doubles" Collection set of 8 NIB

This auctions is for a Starting Lineup "Classic Doubles" MLB sports figurines. There are eight different boxes, two figurines in each box. They are new in the package.

The set includes: 97 Mark McGwire and Roger Maris, 97 Hideo Homo and Don Drysdale, 97 Ken Griffey JR. and Ken Griffey, 97 Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds, 97 Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson, 98 Thurman Munson and Yogi Berra, 98 Nolan Ryan and Walter Johnson, 98 Roger Maris and Babe Ruth.

Rather than trying to rate how the box is, I've enclosed detailed pictures and you can see for yourself. That way you can look at the description, look at the pictures, and really get an idea of what you're bidding on.

The Maris/Ruth is in great shape. Bottom-right corner has the tiniest bend. Bottom-left has a small impact hugging the corner above and below, but it's very small. There are a couple of small rubs along the top. But all of these are small. This one isn't perfect, but it's close. The Ryan/Johnson isn't bad either. Top corners are fine, small warp/bend thing around the hanger that's hard to describe, but also hard to see. Bottom-left corner has a small bend and a tiny crease. Same on the other side with a samll impact mark hugging the top and bottom of the corner. It also has a small abrasion on the plastic part on the upper-left on the side Nolan Ryan is on. Munson/Berra top corners are great. There are some very difficult to see scratches around the hanger. Bottom-left corner was hit hard so there's a bend and two small tears and a crease. Bottom-right has a double bend and crease. Small impact on the edge of that corner. Aaron/Robinson top corners are good. Bottom-left has a slight bend, an impact mark and the startings of a faint crease. Bottom-right is bent with a tiny crease. A couple abrasions on the corner. Bonds/Bonds top corners have the faintest marks, almost perfect. Bottom-left has a bend, a crease and some cardboard flattening on the edge. Bottom-right is about the same but has a bigger bend, several starting creases and the edge was impacted flattish. Griffey Jr./Griffey has a bent upper-rigth corner with a nasty crease breaking the cardboard. Bottom-left has an impact separating the cardboard and the bend is on the whole edge going halfway up the box. Bottom-left has a bend corner, a crease, and cardboard separation on the corner from the impact. The McGwire/Maris has good top corners. Bottom-left is bent and impacted it with a strange warp at the bottom with cardboard separation. Bottom-right has the smallest impact that flattened the edge just a touch. Nomo/Drysdale has an impact bend on the top towards the center close to the hanger. Upper-right corner has a bend/crease. Left-side is nearly flawless. Right-bottom has a very small warp, an impact about an inch over on the bottom and some small rub marks on the corner.

There are actually in better condition than I initally thought looking at them. It's always the bottom corners that took the brunt of being moved. Look at the pics, but feel free to ask me any specific questions if you have them. I try to take as many pics as I can, but with this many figs, you're limited when they're in one auction together.

This action starts out at a penny with no reserve! The way eBay was meant to be!

My friend's parents just decided to become snowbirds, so they're moving to beautiful Florida! Unfortunately, twenty-plus years of collecting has to be whittled down a bit! But their move is your opportunity! I'm just selling these to help them out, consequently, I have no personal connection to the collectables in question. Ask me anything you want. I won't be offended and I will do my best to answer. I can even send additional photos if you'd like.

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