Surface Supplied Diving Air Hose-150 foot Gates 3/8

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  • Sold Date: Jan 20, 2011
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You are bidding on a Diver’s Air Hose made by Gates. This type of hose, 33 HB is “The” standard of commercial diving. This type of air hose is used by the Navy and commercial diving industry for diving to a depth of 10 feet on air or 1000 feet on helium-oxygen mixtures. The Hose has a 3/8” internal diameter and a nominal outside diameter of ¾” .

This particular hose, which measures about 150 feet in length and has swaged on 9/16 oxygen fittings. As can be seen in the picture there is a nipple converting that to ¼” NPT.

This hose is in very good condition as there are no abrasions or other defects that I am aware off. There are numerous (about every 3 feet) remains of the tape adhesive that bundled the hose with a strength member, a 4 conductor communication cable, a two conductor power cable, and an 1/8” nylon pneumofathometer hose. This is the hose shown in the surface supplied tutorial at www.scubed.US .

I bought this hose, which was attached to a second piece that is 50 feet long, in 1990. Over a four year period I put about 300 hours on it. While not in use it was stored in a dry dark storage locker or was wound on a large rack as part of a land mobile unit that I built. It was never left in the sun while not in use or used in salt water. I last used this hose in 2006.

Gates hose weighs about 19 pounds per 100 feet in air but in the water it is neutral buoyant. Just work out the numbers like I did finding the volume of water displaced by using a length of 100 feet and the outside diameter. You will find that it displaces a volume of sea water which has a weight equal to 19 pounds. The Gates air hose, in my opinion, is superior to the Synflex 34 BA Diver’s air hose which weighs about 13 pounds per 100 feet of hose. The Synflex hose has a working pressure of 250 psi while the gates hose has a working pressure of 1125 psi. With that high a working pressure there is much more “room” left than there is with the Synflex hose. I would also guess that the integrity of the end fittings, along with the resistance to kinking, would be superior for the Gates hose as opposed to the Synflex hose. To me Synflex is more a Hookah hose than a surface supplied diving hose.

Although this hose has the swaged fitting ends which are not reusable the 50 foot hose offered for auction has the reusable fittings which are simply banded instead of swaged. Both types, to the best of my knowledge, are approved by Gates.

Being able to use reusable fittings that can be banded on (see other auction) provides a major advantage. As the hose ages the owner can cut off a one foot section and subject it to air pressure sufficient to burst it. You may want to take a few hours to reach burst pressure. That will give a real good indicator of the hose condition. After the test just band the fitting on the remaining section of hose.

Given the length of this hose I doubt it would ever be operated above 300 psi. I only operated it at about 200 psi max. Most of the time it was operated at 100 psi since my max depth was 30 feet and I used a Kirby Morgan Exo 26 set for a slight free flow.

This hose would be good for a hookah but I would secure it to the diver’s harness and then use a smaller “normal” regulator hose for the mouthpiece. If you intend to run this off of high pressure air tanks with an adjustable regulator you can turn up the pressure high enough to use a standard second stage and avoid the cost of a second stage designed for the lower operating pressures of a hookah air compressor.

I would recommend the winning bidder also purchase a Kirby Morgan Valve Block or equivalent and a Miller Harness. That way the Gates hose connects to a check valve on the valve block. The second stage regulator then connects to the valve block along with the hose from a first stage regulator on a small peanut bottle held by the Miller Harness. Now you have a back up to your Hookah supply.

Please don’t forget that the first stage on the t...