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This is a set of the rare 1991 Topps Desert Storm Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 sets complete with all 264 cards and 44 stickers. This would make a valuable keepsake for a veteran from either the Gulf War of 1991 or of 2003/2004. BV in Card Magazines is $50. I have many sets, so if you need more, just contact me. **** If you would like to substitute a "Brown" Series 1 set instead of the "Yellow" Series 1 set in this auction, just add $7.00 to the eBay Invoice under Seller Charges/Discounts. ****

Individual Cards:

The Commander In Chief General Colin Powell Secretary of Defense General H. Norman Schwarzkopf General Richard G. Graves Admiral Frank Kelso Chief of Staff General Charles Gabriel Stallion Helicopter CH-53 Helicopter SH-60B Helicopter AH-64 Apache CH-47 Chinook UH-1 Huey Navy Bell CH-53 Super Stallion Helicopter Formation Cobra 'Copter Canadian Air Force CF-18 French Mirage Fighter Britain's Tornado State of the Art Stealth Fighter Bomber F-117A Stealth F-14 Flies in Formation Phoenix Missiles on F-14 Pilots Eye View B-52 Stratofortress Ready for Takeoff Flying High - The F-18 Taking off in an F-18 An F-18 waits to Fly Wild Blue Yonder Wings over Egypt The Amazing AV-8B Harrier The Sentry - An E3A A-10s in Formation EA-6B Prowler F-111 Bomber F-15 Fighter Plane M-2 Bradley Tank Manning the M-110 Tanks take a Strong Hold Lining Up the Tanks Sunset on the Desert M-1 Abrams Hummer Land Vehicle TOW Anti-Tank Gun The Power of the Tomahawk Tomahawk Missile in Flight The Patriot Missile The Sidewinder Missile Scud Missile (A) Scud Missile (B) Hawk Missile Phoenix Missile Army Supply Ship Carrier Plane at Night USS Midway USS America Destroyers USS Iowa USS Wisconsin USS Ouellet Frigate Moving In Night Vision Goggles F-18 Cockpit At The Controls Patriot Control Center Aegis Control Center Airborne Unit Preparing to Jump Paratrooper in Flight Anti-Aircraft Chemical Gear Satellite Dish Machine Gunner Marine Firefighters Ready in the Cockpit Wearing the Gasmask Patriot Missile Command Center Machine Guns Ready Mid-Air Refueling In Flight With A-7s The View from Above Mission Accomplished Dawn in the Desert Heat Storm in the Gulf A Quiet Moment Sunset on the F-14 The Pentagon Checklist Stinger Missile Carpet Bombing Rolling Out M-55 Sheridan M-2 Bradley Laying an M-21 Mine Machine Gun M-1s Moving Out The Mighty M-1A1 TOW Missile HMMWV âe" The Hummer

100. LAV âe" Light Armored Vehicle

101. Iraqâe(tm)s SCUD Missile

102. Battleship Cannons

103. LCAC

104. A-6 Intruder

105. Dragon Missile Launcher

106. M-60âe(tm)s Reactive Armor

107. M-109 Howitzer

108. F-16 Fighter/Bomber

109. F-15 Eagle

110. F-14 Fighter

111. F-4 Phantom

112. A-7 Avenger

113. Wild Weasel

114. The Agile F-14

115. F-16 Fighting Falcon

116. F/A-18 Hornet

117. F-15 Dual-Role Eagle

118. A-10 Warthog

119. Stealth F-117A

120. USS Eisenhower

121. USS Long Beach

122. USS Wisconsin

123. USS Goldsborough

124. Marine APCs

125. CH-47 Chinook

126. USS Sides

127. Desert Hawk

128. Apache Attack âe~Copter

129. The Cobra

130. UH-60A

131. Chaparral Missile Launch System

132. F/A-18 Fighter

133. F-111 Aardvark

134. Tried and True B-52

135. B-52 in Formation

136. AV-8B Harrier

137. Prowler âe" The EA-6B

138. KC-10 The Flying Gas Can

139. E-3 AWACS

140. What is a Tank?

141. Unit Sizes âe" A

142. Unit Sizes âe" B

143. Military Terms âe" A

144. Military Terms âe" B

145. Desert Storm Slang

146. Allied Forces

147. Working Together

148. Becoming a Fighter Pilot

149. Top Gun

150. ...