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This auction is for the F-TOYS STAR TREK MODEL USS DEFIANT 1/2500 SCALE

The USS Defiant is the starship from ST:DS9. Kit has 2 models Cloaked and Uncloaked. Each Defiant is 2.75" long and 1 piece.

(The 1/2500 scale is about the same scale as the AMT Star Trek 3 ship kits and are also inline with the Furuta and Knomi Star Trek series.)

The USS DEFIANT starship is beautifully pre-painted, pre-assembled, and unbelievably detailed. In addition each display stand allows for many different types of display configurations. This is a highly anticipated collection. Size: about 2.75 inches long. !

Items are new and are in factory packages (packages were opened to determine which ship was in package).

Defiant History:

First contact with the Jem'Hadar in 2370 convinced Sisko to ask Starfleet for the Defiant so he would be better prepared for contact with the leaders of the Dominion. Starfleet agreed and the Defiant was posted at Deep Space Nine under Sisko's command. The Defiant allows the station's crew to travel faster and farther with far more firepower than the station's Danube class runabouts can provide.

In the third-season episode "The Search". Officially designated as an escort vessel, the Defiant is a prototype vessel for the Defiant class warship, originally developed to counter the Borg threat. Following the Borg invasion, the United Federation of Planets approved a project committed to enhancing Starfleet's offensive and defensive military capabilities; the Defiant was the end result of that project. According to his statement in the episode "Defiant", Benjamin Sisko was in charge of the shipyard w the Defiant was built and helped design her during his assignment to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Although it was designed to be fast and highly maneuverable with powerful weaponry, the Defiant was overgunned and overpowered for a vessel of its size. The ship's structural integrity field needed extensive modifications to keep the Defiant from tearing itself apart. The ship was designed specifically for battle, featuring innovative pulse phaser and quantum torpedo armaments, in addition to photon torpedoes, standard phasers and a high-capacity deflector shield system. Another asset is its ablative armor, enabling the ship to stay in a fight even with the shields inoperable. Inside, the Defiant is relatively spartan by Starfleet standards of the time: the ship is not designed to carry family members, has no science labs, and has a limited infirmary. Crew quarters consist of two bunk beds and a general computer interface. Individual quarters have food replicators, but the mess hall is a popular place for the crew to eat on missions.

In 2375, the Breen destroy the USS Defiant during the invasion of the Chin'toka system. The battle marks the first time the Breen use their energy-dampening weapon. During the planning of the invasion of Cardassia Prime some months later, a new Defiant class starship, the USS São Paulo (NCC-75633), is assigned to Deep Space Nine. The Starfleet Chief of Operations grants special dispensation to rename the ship Defiant . The class would later go into production with at least three other ships in service by 2374.

This 1/2500 scale model is highly detailed, pre-painted, and comes with a ball and joint posable display stand .

The USS DEFIANT is from the F-TOYS STAR TREK series I collection, 6 models are in the complete set:

1) ENTERPRISE 1701 D 1/5000 SCALE from STNG

2) ENTERPRISE NX-01 from ST:Enterprise

3) ENTERPRISE 1701 from STOS

4) DEFIANT from ST:DS9 (cloaked and uncloaked)

5) ENTERPRISE 1701 REFIT from ST:movies

6) ENTERPRISE NX-01 from ST:Enterprise "Mirrored Darkly" (RARE)

Except for the Enterprise D these starships are to scale to each other (1/2500 scale) so you can see the size relations between each ship. I wish they would have kept the size relation with the E...