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"MATSUSHIRO" JETFIRE AKA MACROSS SUPER SUPER RARE VERSION c-8 HERE IS THE MUST KNOW HISTORY.... What's the real story? Takatoku (CREATOR OF WHIRL AND ROADBUSTER) is the original creator of the 1/55 Valkyrie toys, but after they went bankrupt Matsushiro, who was apparently the company that did the physical production of the toys or at least their molds, took charge of the toys and sold them in US market. After wards they struck a deal with Hasbro in the US to make Jetfire before the Harmony Gold/Robotech deal went down. Because they didn't (or couldn't) get the rights for the Valkyrie design for the TV, they redesigned it into Skyfire, not the other way around. Matsushiro was either absorbed by Bandai or gave up the rights to Bandai, and soon Bandai took over production of Jetfire, making small changes as they went. (SMOOTH ANTENNA, 1 STICKER SHEET, NO EMBLEM ON THE LEFT WING, AND NO BLACK STRIP ON THE COCKPIT). HOWEVER THE MACROSS ARTWORK NEVER CHANGED ON THE BOX.
Here's what I think happened based on the limited information available. Takatoku folded. Matsushiro, a company hurting due to the economy like most were at the time, saw this collapse and saw a chance to capitalize on someone elses failure. Perhaps they even learned from Takara, who had managed to save themselves by sending their toys overseas (first as European Diaclone and Transformer lines, later as American Transformers). What better chance than to grab the 1/55 Valkyries and send them overseas? And this they did. A few of the more knowledgeable Transformers, Macross, or Jetfire fans can tell you that the earlier Jetfire toys had a U.N. Spacy logo either painted on the wing, or in the form of a sticker. These toys had different (indented) antennae ( see box art you can see the grove)than the later Bandai Jetfires. They also had a manufacturers mark of Matsushiro. ALSO NOTE THE WHITE PLASTIC USED BY MATSUSHIRE WASN'T AS BRIGHT WHITE AS A SUPER CLEAN BANDAI JETFIRE. Most transformers fans don't know about this very rare figure and most don't know variations as well. First off........ this figure is a prerub figure. before bandai started in 1985 matsushiro boxed this item with the available transformers catalogs at this time, which was the prerub catalog. There were no rub signs placed on the figure like the later bandai version where it was placed on the top of jetfires head. There was also a second small sticker sheet that was included with this macross jetfire. it is not a fact that all of these jetfire had the second sticker sheet....Now lets talk about the variations...... the rarest and hardest to come by is the grooved antennas like seen on the original box art... i bet you never knew....and with the painted macross emblem on the wing. More common on this rare figure is the sticker emblem. Some of these masushiro jetfires did come with a smooth antennas like later produced by bandai which might be over stock from matsushiro when bandai took over with some new bandai parts..... One other distinctive feature on all the matsushiro jetfires is the black stripe going across the canopy of the cockpit.... Being a huge jetfire fan i got into the macoss jets as well and found this jetfire below is a Srare as the elintseeker or superostrich.. I GOT MY NAME SKYFIRE1984 FROM THIS FIGURE. IT TOOK ME YEARS TO FIND THE GROVE ANTENNA VERSION. OK THIS IS HARD FOR ME TO PART WITH BUT I AM FORCED TO SELL. THIS FIGURE I WOULD SAY IS A C-8 CONDICTION. THERE IS SOME DISCOLORATION TO THE FIGURE AS SEEN IN THE PHOTOS BELLOW. KEEP THIS IN MIND THE MACROSS JETFIRE WASN'T EVER A BRIGHT WHITE. BUT THIS FIGURE HAS SOME VERY LIGHT DISCOLORATION TO BE PICKY. THE NOSE OF THE JET WAS LIGHTLY TOUCHED UP WITH A RED MARKER LIGHTLY. THE STICKERS AND FIGURE SHOW SOME PLAY WARE BUT I WAS GOOD PROUD TO DISPLAY A RARE FIGURE LIKE THIS. THE ARMOR IS IN GREAT SHAPE AS WELL. SEE PHOTOS. THE GUN CLIP HAS A SMALL PIECE BROKEN OFF BUT I TOOK A PICTURE OF IT ON THE FIGURE. IT DOESN'T EFFECT IT. THE BOX. NOW AS WE ALL KNOW FINDING A JETFIRE BOX WITH NO FLAWS IS NEXT TO BEING UN H...