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I came across this stamp collection from someone who passedaway and there are two things I know for sure: It is HUGE and it worth some SERIOUS MONEY. I have not sorted or searched through this collection and have not parted or sold a single stamp out of what I found. There may be some very rare stamps in here.

Now, I am not a collector and I know next to nothing about stamps and stamp collectimg. That said, I have had a few quick and unofficial appraisals that prove my thought that this is an incredible, diverse and valuable collection of historical and worldwide stamps from the mid 1800s on.

Also, I have no time to look up each stamp individually, take a picture of each stamp or each page of the 1935 Scott Stamp book and get an estimate of how much this is whole thing is worth. My assumption is that there are 10,000+ stamps in this collection – that is my GUESS and it could be much higher or lower . But I do not have the time or the patience to count them all.

A majority of the stamps are worldwide and range from A to Z: China, Japan, France, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cuba, Canada, Chile, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, India, Australia, Mexico, Austria and so many more – BUT A LOT ARE FROM THE GOOD OLD USA!

I am calling this UNSEARCHED because I have not researched the stamps myself, but have recognized and researched a few of the valuable ones that are individually placed in plastic sandwich bags. There are many bags of stamps that I have not even opened!!!

The main picture shows the entire collection. Not all stamps are shot up close or at all for that matter. The collection is just too big and time consuming to sort through and take photos of.

Here is a rundown of what is in the collection (please see the external pictures for yourself to judge the quality and value):

1) Scott Stamp & Coin Co. “The International Postage Stamp Album – Junior Edition” from 1935. In the collection, ALL STAMPS are pre 1935, with many from the mid to late 1800s. I would assume that the book is around 10% full, maybe a little more, but probably no more than 15-20% full. Some countries have a lot of stamps – Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, USA, etc . – and some countries have one or two stamps, or none at all. THERE ARE COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NO STAMPS. There are stamps that are listed in the 1800s from USA, Argentina (Argentine Republic), Austria, Bavaria, Belgium, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania (Roumania), El Salvador (Salvador), Victoria. I may be overlooking or adding one or two, but I am pretty sure that is correct when looking through the book. There are also a bunch of German “Inflation” stamps that, in research, can be EXTREMELY valuable. There are hundreds if not thousands of stamps in the book - ALL FROM 1935 AND EARLY!!!

2) Picture frame with many early USA stamps – 36 total. There are some used and unused. I know both the “Special Delivery” stamp (top row, middle) and “Landing of Columbus” (third row, second from left) are worth a bit of money and not sure about the others. Probably all worth something in order to be framed.

3) Stamps in clear zip-lock bags. Hundreds if not thousands of great worldwide stamps that have I have not searched through. There are many that are removed and placed by themselves and appear to be early Italian stamps, an early German block of stamps, among many others!!! Also, there again are more German “Inflation” stamps. There are thousands of stamps in these plastic bags!

4) Binder full of mostly US stamps and some international stamps. There are sheets and sheets of stamps, new and used. Another “Special Delivery” stamp, tons of stamps from Asia with unique cancelations and some good early US stamps. I would estimate there are over 100 stamps in ...