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Here you have a group of 6 different Nazi "Dienstmarken" (Special Service Stamps) issued during WW2. These very rare stamps depict a huge wreathed swastika or the Nazi Eagle with a wreathed Swastika on a pedestal!!

Each denomination comes in a different color with a Swastika in a wreath. Each one remains in MINT UNUSED and UNCANCELLED Condition but may have a light collector's hinge remnant on back which in no way affects the front design. The designation for this is MLH (Mint Lightly Hinged). In the old days, this is how collectors displayed their stamps.

If you would like either type in MNH (Mint Never Hinged) condition, please email.

You will receive 3 different large swastika stamps and 3 different eagle with swastika stamps in MLH condition. Colors and denominations may vary from scan. It is possible that we may not have 3 different eagle stamps, in which case a different large swastika stamp will be substituted for any missing eagle stamp.

These special issue stamps are very rare compared to the regular Third Reich philatelic issues and correspondingly more valuable, especially in MLH condition without cancellations. Grab SIX of them right now at our great buy-now price of just $4.99 each.

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Adolf Hitler and others at a Nazi party rally in Nuremberg , Germany , performing the salute. Hermann Göring is standing in front of Hitler.

The Hitler salute ( German : Hitlergruß , also known in Germany during World War II as the Deutscher Gruß , literally: German Greeting ), or in English as the Nazi salute , is a variant of the Roman salute , adopted by the Nazi Party as a sign of loyalty to its leader Adolf Hitler .

It was adopted following its use by supporters of Italian fascism , a political movement under the leadership of Benito Mussolini , and other mass movements of the era. The Hitler salute became the embodiment of Hitler's cult of personality throughout Nazi Germany . The right arm is raised at an angle of about 45 degrees above the horizontal and slightly sideways to the right, and is almost always accompanied by the exclamation of the words Heil Hitler! said in a firm and usually loud voice. If standing in front of a superior the heels might be At rallies and meetings the arms of the crowd may also be raised while rhythmically shouting Sieg Heil .


A picture from the Illustrated Exhibitor (1852) portraying a reconstruction of the installation ceremony of an early German king

Although the Italian fascists associated the salute with ancient Rome, Hitler and the SS leader Heinrich Himmler believed that it originated from ancient gatherings of Germanic peoples .

Hitler regarded the salute as a demonstration of the warlike spirit of the Germans, while Himmler regarded it as a variant of the gesture of giving an oath with a raised spear.

Such claims had some justification, since historians had long argued that similar gestures were used at the installation of ancient Germanic kings. Illustrations reconstructing such events, and showing the salute, date back to the mid nineteenth century.

The modern Brockhaus Encyclopedia also repeats these claims, stating that the salute derived from gestures used during the coronation of early medieval German kings along with exclamation of "Heil". According to the Nazis' Nordicist version of Aryan theory , the rulers of ancient Rome were themselves migrants from Northern Europe, and so, in their view, were likely to have brought the salute to Rome from Germany.

Use in the Third Reich

From 1933 to 1945 the Hitler salute was the common German greeting. Heil Hitler! ("Hail to Hitler!") was used when directly addressing a citizen, or, in the Waffen-SS , a higher ranking officer. Hitler himself preferred to be addressed with "Heil, mein Führer !" (Hail, my Leader) or simply "Heil...