USS Sea Cliff US Navy DSV-4 (1985) Deep Sub - TAKARA Ships of the World 05 1:144

DSV-4 (1985) USS Sea Cliff
Research Deep Submergence Vehicle

- 1985 Version (refitted with diving upgrade)
- United States Navy

- Part Assembled 1/144th Scale Model Kit
- Very Highly Detailed and Pre-painted

- TAKARA Ships of the World Series 05
- Model Number 11 in the Collection
- Originally imported from Japan in 2006 (Now Discontinued)
- Part Assembled and Pre-Painted 1:144 Scale Model Kit
- Supplied in original Box (opened), all securely packed in plastic moulded tray with Japanese pictorial Information and Assembly Sheet.

Model Details
This is a pre-painted and partially pre-assembled highly detailed model of the DSV-4 formerly known as the USS SEA CLIFF . This is the 1985 version of this Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV), the model and additional parts are completely pre-painted and only require minimal additional assembly to complete (see Assembly details below) .

This lovely model can either sit suspended on the provided black plastic display stand or it can float about in water ( see Note )! The display stand has a small rectangular recess that can be customised with the glossy plinth name plate printed on the enclosed pictorial information sheet.

Note: These models can also support an optional water-proof miniature motorised propeller that can be clipped onto the bottom of the models to allow them to travel through water.

These particular 1:144 scale models are very accurately moulded and detailed in dense plastic resin and pre-painted to a very high level of fine detail (including accurate markings) - no transfers are required; very impressive in 1/144th scale.

The model is supplied with sprues of additional painted plastic parts, which include outer hull propellers and manipulator arms. These additional parts can be cut and either clipped or glued in place.

The model is brand new and individually packed in it's original plastic tray and boxed. The box has been opened in order to identify the random contents. There is a fold-out pictorial information sheet with Japanese annotation included with the model.

Brief History
The DSV-4, formerly named the USS Sea Cliff, is a 29 ton, manned deep-ocean research submersible owned by the United States Navy. It is a sister to the Turtle (DSV-3), and Alvin (DSV-2). The Sea Cliff was retired from active service in 1998, and then returned to active service in 2002, now known as the DSV-4 only. The DSV-4 originally had a maximum dive depth of 6,500 feet or 1950 metres. It was redesigned to dive to 20,000 feet or 6000 metres, and fully refitted and upgraded for operations from 1985 onwards. Sea Cliff reached this new depth for the first time in March 1985, during a dive in the Middle America Trench off the Pacific coast of Central America.

The Sea Cliff has two 7-function hydraulically operated manipulator arms, three 11-cm view ports, and video and still camera systems. All three of these DSVs are constructed of a fiberglass hull over the metal crew sphere, batteries and electric motors. The craft have television and still cameras, external lights, short-range sonars, and hydraulic remote-control manipulators.

Takara Ships of the World Series 05 Details
This is one model from a collection of 14 (including two secret models) available from the Takara Ships of the World - Series 05 (released in 2006). As is usual, this volume of models had a limited production run, and are now discontinued.

This model is one from a series of high quality 1/700 and 1/144 true to scale submarines, boats and ships from Takara Co. Ltd. Each model is extremely detailed and finished to a very high standard. Each model comes with a display stand. An optional motor can be clipped onto the bottom of most of the models to allow them to travel through water (the motor is supplied with the PG-821 PG No.1 Class kit).

Model Dimensions and Details
The mode...