Vintage camera and photographic memorabilia collection (50 items)

Vintage camera and photographic memorabilia collection (50 items)

As I have recentlyretired, I am sadly having to sell my collection of vintage cameras and photographic memorabilia I have built up over 45 years of being a professional photographer.

A gallery of individual photos of each item can be seen on Picasa. Please cut and paste the following link into your web browser: /cn6njys

All the items are sold on the condition that they are very old cameras of historical interest, and as such may have marks, scratches, bits missing or broken. However several items are very nicely looked after and could just do with a good clean. If you are prepared to spend a little time on them and doing the odd repair, they offer a fascinating record of early film photography. My favourites are the Thornton-Pickard Puck box camera, the Klimex Lukos III quarter plate with 12 darkslides and some of the early Brownies.

Because they make up two heavy boxes I cannot send them by Royal Mail as I usually do, so would either ask you to collect them here in Bristol, or arrange your own courier. I am also not prepared to sell individual items as they are all sold as a ‘job lot’.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with the bidding. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

The 50 items included in the collection

Kodak No 0 Brownie. 127 film

Kodak No 2 Hawkeye Model C. Made in Great Britain

Kodak No 2 Brownie

Kodak Portrait “Hawkeye” Star

Kodak No 2 Brownie. Made in Toronto, Canada

Kodak Junior Six-20 ‘Brownie’

Kodak Box 620

Kodak No 2 Brownie (red)

Ensign E29 (Blue)

Kodak Brownie Flash III

Kodak Six-20 Model E

Kodak Six-20 ‘Brownie’ C

Kodak Portrait Brownie No 2. Made in Great Britain

Kodak No 16 Brownie. 616 film

Thornton-Pickard Puck Box Camera

Kodak Six-20 Model F Brownie with flash contacts

Ensign "All distance" Twenty. Made by Houghton Butcher London

Kodak Vest Pocket

Kodak Brownie Automatic. Made in USA

B & L.O. Co

Klimax Lukos III plate camera with instructions. Sold by A.H.Baird, Edinburgh.

12 Kodak plates in own case and instructions for above Klimax Lukos III

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta with case

Kodak No 1 Pocket. Made in USA

Coronet. Made in Birmingham

Kodak No 2 Folding Autrographic Brownie with case

Voigländer Bessa with case

Kodak folding camera with case. Uses Autographic No A - 118 film. With cable release. Made in USA. Bellows falling apart.

Ensign Simplex II with case. Made by Houghtons Ltd.

Agfa Karat with case

Ensign Multex with case and hand written exposure guide

Rolleicord with case

Microcord MPP with case. Made in England

Ensign Ful-Vue

Ensign Ful-Vue with case and strap

Ilford Envoy

Kodak Brownie Cresta II. Loose top.

Kodak 127 Brownie with strap

Kodak Duaflex. Made in England

Ross Ensign Fulvueflex with strap

Inovar. With case, lens cap and instructions

Canon Canonet QL25 with case

Canon Canonet

Rollei A26 with C26 flash

Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600

Two timers that work on cable releases. The round one still seems to work

Avo coil winder exposure meter with case, instructions and original box

PPA (Professional Photographers Association?) West of England medal on ribbon in case

Alterations made to the above list on 6 December 2011:
The item I've listed as a B & L.O. Co is in fact a Thornton Pickard Weenie but has no back, and the front standard is loose
The Houghton Ensign Multex is a Model 0 (SN H21405) but has metal corrosion on the top and although the winde...
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