Vintage Slingerland Radio King Copy Drum Kit - 26 x 12, 13 x 9 & 16 x 16

1940’s Vintage Slingerland Radio King Copy Drum Kit

26 x 12, 13 x 9 & 16 x 16

No prizes for guessing which band I’ve just left!!!

Up for sale is part of the kit I’ve been using with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra and others for the last ten years or so. I put it together in a rush and it has been well used so the general finish and especially the covering isn’t immaculate. Please study the photographs before you bid.

The idea was to assemble a replica of the drums used by Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa in the 1940’s using as many genuine original parts as possible from the stock I had. This is the result and I have enjoyed playing it immensely and I’ve had lots of favourable comments from other drummers over the years but I need the space so it’s time for it to go. I will describe it as fully and honestly as possible. Please note; I’m selling just the three drums – what you see in the photographs is what you get. I would stress, this is NOT a complete Slingerland Radio King kit but various period parts assembled to look like one.

These drums have been gigged all around Europe and across to the USA but have always been kept in substantial flight cases and ‘gently’ treated by roadies and technical staff! They have been played in some of the most prestigious concert halls and theatres in the world including Buckingham Palace for the Queens Christmas Party.

See /watch?v=wCQaQ-2c9jI and any other Pasadena Roof Orch. YouTube clips from the past few years to see these drums in action.

Bass Drum 26 x 12.

This is a very ancient Leedy shell and rims. It started life sometime in the early 1920s as a single tension drum with a painted shell, ten tension rods and a large air hole. The shell is a single ply of what looks to me like mahogany but I could be wrong. I have kept the original (and very rare) label on the drum.

It is now converted to separate tension with 20 Slingerland beavertail lugs, unknown brand but vintage style ‘T’ rods and claws. It has white marine pearl covering which is coming slightly unstuck in a couple of places and is formed of a couple of patches on the underside of the drum. None of this is noticeable when the drums are set up. It is fitted with an unknown batter head and a Remo Fibreskin front head. The Logo and initials are self adhesive plastic laminate and will peel off. There are a pair of vintage Ludwig spurs and a vintage Ludwig consolette tom-tom mount with a home made ‘L’ arm. The plating is generally good but there is some pitting on some of the lugs and general wear marks on the remainder.

Tom-Tom 13 x 9

This is about 85% genuine Singerland Radio King. The Singerland shell is in reasonable condition suffering only very small amounts of the delaminating these drums are prone to. The reinforcing rings are good. The rare small beavertail lugs are original to the drum and in very good condition. There is a single Harold Dodd twin pad damper (muffler). The batter head is an old Remo Legacy with the original Radio King engraved hoop with original claws. The resonant head is a Remo made for Yamaha and the hoop is a replacement identical to the original design and a mixture of original and replacement claws. The heads are a very tight fit but tune OK. The drum may benefit from new Aquarian heads which seem to be a better fit. There is a Ludwig fitting for the consolette rail. This is well worn but working . WMP covering is good.

Tom-Tom 16 x 16

The shell is of unknown make but could well be Ajax . It is fitted with 16 Slingerland beavertail lugs and two Harold Dodd twin pad dampers. The batter head is a Remo Ambassador and has an original Radio King hoop. The resonant head is a Remo but the hoop is unknown. There are three legs with the drum though one is longer than the others. They are fixed to the drum via mounts similar to the 1940s Slingerland version but I suspect these may also be Ajax items. The plating is in good condition with minor pitting. The WMP covering i...