Colorado’s Historic Carousels – Lakeside Merry-Go-Round

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Out of the two to three thousand wood carousels built in America there are less than 200 left. Most of the surviving carousels are on the East and West coasts. Colorado has five that together tell a fascinating story of Americas carousels. In this video, we visit the Lakeside Merry-Go-Round in the suburbs of Denver.

This video is shown with the permission of the Colorado Carousel Society. Their mission is to save and preserve the antique wooden carousels of America.

Contributions can be sent to the Colorado Carousel Society, 7061 South Quince Street, Englewood 80112.

Producer-Mary Brenneman

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  1. Tukiren says:

    I grew up in Buenos aires so carousels are clelad calesitas . They are smaller and if you catch la sortija you get a free round.The first one was installed on 1867 and they are still extremely popular.Those bring me back to childhood, we will go to the park on Sunday and I will ride them for hours.