Determining Value in Art and Paintings

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WorthPoint is pleased to partner with our sister company, GoAntiques, to inform and educate people about the diverse world of antiques and collectibles. In this video, Jim Kamnikar talks with Dave Crockett of Artifacts Antiques about what sets a painting apart and what to look for to determine its value.

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  1. Lisa Miller says:

    My Mother recently passed away and she has a pencil drawing done by Chris Marie Meeker of a woman with a peom by J.P. McEvoy under it. Is this worth anything. Thanks Lisa Miller

  2. shelly says:

    I have a museum size portrait by Victor Lee, the portrait artist that paints people like presidents,Donald Trump etc. I have no idea of its value or how to sell this painting….It is a portrait of the marquise A Campalattaro he was an ambassador between the us and Italy…any help would be appreciated.