Fishing Lures

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You should have seen the one that got away! Steve Ellis, collector of all-things fly fishing, talks about the ones that didn’t get away. Fishing lures, while mainly used to catch fish, are one of the most popular collectibles.
Steve talks about how to ensure the lure you are buying hasn’t been altered and explains the various terminology used when grading lures.

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  1. PickerBrad says:

    I’ve sold the chewed up missing eye, rusty hook lures to artists. Buy em cheap and sell em cheap… the lady’s love them.

    Your going to pay for better lures there are so few around.
    He’s right about the word “MINT” with lures… I think of it as “Un-fished”with the BOX and Label.

    Garage sale time just around the block!

  2. Steve Ellis says:

    Well, i agree with you, that is the way I sell them too. Don’t ever pay too much for those “beaters,” but they are fine as an example in a collection if you don’t care about condition. It is always terrific if you can find a box and paperwork along with the bait, but most were separated shortly after birth; that is why I always grade box, bait and paperwork individually.

  3. Chris Hughes says:


    You are a natural in front of the camera! A well done, informative video.

    Like PickerBrad, I also appreciate your statement about your reluctance to use the term “mint” to describe condition grade. In military collectibles, many of us will use the term “minty” to imply the item probably could not be upgraded, but it is still not perfect.

    Lastly, your “firewood” grade lures still have a functional value as lures. The bass don’t care about a paint touchup or crazing in the finish! HaHaHa


  4. Of course the Boa Jig’r will work without bait, but by adding bait, it makes the Boa Jig’r simply irresistible to all game fish, giving anglers the edge.

    With its two hook design, the top hook and bottom hook accommodate and hold your bait very nicely. Also, the bottom hook is a bent Limerick hook which not only acts as a built in stinger hook, but also gives you a “hook-setting advantage”.

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