Staffordshire Figurines

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Mantelpieces decorated with ceramic figurines were a mainstay of the English middle class during Queen Victoria’s reign in the mid-1800s. The potters of Staffordshire made painted and glazed pottery sheepdogs, exotic animals and other figurines, which are still being collected today. Worthologist Audra Blevins spoke with Lisa Vickers of V & V Antiques at the Atlantique City antique show about Vickers’ collection of Staffordshire figurines.

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  • Lisa

    This video was very informative. I was impressed by your Worthologist, Ms Blevins. She seemed very friendly, approachable, and knowledgable on this collectible. Ms Vickers was very kind to allow us to take a look at the various pieces she had available for sale. Both ladies provided excellent guidance to Staffordshire figurines collecting. I look forward to more of these videos!

    • Alison Harder

      Hi Lisa…. Thanks so much for your comments. Please take a look at our video section for many more videos on everything from coins to kentucky derby memorabilia to stories about quilt. And don’t forget to check out the hot video section on our homepage for special features.

  • Audra Blevins

    Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed the video! Worthpoint provides many way the expand your knowledge, expore and expand…..Soon our community pages will be up an running. I will be in Glass and China so come join me and we’ll chat.

  • Joan K.

    Dear Audra: I enjoyed your talk on Staffordshire figurines. My husband bought me two adorable (supposedly) authentic Staffordshire spaniels for Christmas; they seem to pass the test on the few things I found regarding authenticity; however, they both have what looks like a stylized “6” or a cirlique of some type on the bottoms (a different size on each dog). What is this mark? Are these authentic? I hope so, b/c he paid a bunch for them! Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  • With being from Staffordshire, im always interested in authentic Staffordshire figurines. Great video, very informative.

  • looking for someone that knows about mexican artifacts in So.California,how old and worth, Please e-mail me back

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