Tammy Saves $90,000 Painting from the Trash

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Tammy kept an old painting in her closet for more than ten years. She started to throw it away twice, but something told her to hold on to it until she could find out what it was worth. Then one morning last December she was watching the morning show on the Denver NBC affiliate, 9NEWS. Will Seippel, the CEO and Founder of WorthPoint, was talking about his new company, WorthPoint, a website that helps people value items with online tools and expert advice. Tammy headed for her computer and posted her first question on worthpoint.com – How do I find the value of a Takanori Oguiss painting? she asked. Her instincts were good as you will see in this video. You can also read about the Tammy’s story on 9News in Denver- One person’s trash turns out to be a real treasure.
Editor’s note: WorthPoint helped Tammy sell the painting at auction for $103,000.

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  1. Carol Fries says:

    I have a painting by Paul Whitney Hunter. It is of two deer.
    I bought it in a thrift store.
    I would like to know how much it could be worth.
    Thank you in advance.
    Carol Fries

  2. Thom says:


    99% of Paul Whitney Hunter’s works on the market are prints. He is well know for his wild life works. The first step would be to establish it is actually a painting. The easiest way is to remove it from the frame and examine the piece with a strong magnifier. If the piece itself is on cardboard it is most likely a print. You are welcome to email photographs to me for an overview.


    • Patty says:

      Do you know much about his work because I have an original drawing of a fox but I cant find this paticular drawing any where?

  3. Thomas says:

    What if the one u have is not a print. How much would it be worth then?

    • I have a pul whitney taylor painting of two horses it does not appear to be a print i would like some info on it.

      • Maggie Turnipseed says:

        I suggest using our Ask a Worthologist service to obtain information about your work of art. We would need to see photos and additional information to be able to answer your questions.
        Thank you for using Worthpoint.


  4. STEVE DYER says:


  5. Tidewater Antiques says:

    The way to tell if it’s a print or an original is easy. Take a jewelers loop and look closely at the art work. If you see lots of tiny dots, it’s a print. Some of his work, while prints, do have an original signature. This would look like pencil using the loop.

  6. hettie phillips says:

    Hi i have what looks like a origanal of two horSes heads looks like a mother and her colt i have had this for many years found in a bin

  7. Jane says:

    Hi There

    I have received in donations a Paul Whitney Hunter piece but it is flowers in a vase and yes it looks like a print, with the pencil kind of sketching under the colors, but how do we tell its value for our auction at the youth shelter

  8. Pat Kukla says:

    I have a print of a deer done by Paul Whitney Hunter, which he signed underneath. I do not know too much about the artist and would like some information and also a possible value on the print.

  9. Clifford Malcolm says:

    I have a Paul whitey Hunter Picture of three birds that look like Chaffinches on a tree limb that is in pink blossom and it is signed by PAUL Whitney Hunter it looks like a sketch that has then been water colored do you think it may have some value I have a picture I could e-mail if required.

    Regards Clifford Malcolm

  10. I have a print by Paul Whitney Hunter of two birds and a nest (almost oriental in design)….any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  11. Fonda Warren says:

    I have a signed print by Paul Whitney Hunter of two birds and a nest. Can you give me any information about it? Thank you.

  12. hannah james says:

    Hi ya I’ve got a drawing paulwittney hunter its 2 puppys 1 under a blanket looking at his water bolw with a butter fly on it and the other 1 its on top I don’t know how much its worth please can SUM 1 TELL ME PLEZE thank u hannah0x hannah6nt@hotmail.co.uk

  13. Marcella Johnson says:

    My husband brought me a colored pencil drawing of 2 raccoons.. one stealing what looks like eggs. Signed Paul Whitney Hunter. It’s in an old frame, but he knew I’d like the raccoons. Cost him $1.25 at a thrift store!(Whether it’s worth anything or not.. like the picture!)

    I believe it is a print because in the left bottom corner it reads.. STAPCO N.Y. no. 1-3542

    Any idea whether I should leave it to the grandchildren???

  14. As many of the people who have posted here discovered, Paul Whitney Hunter originals are worth a lot of money. Researching his work led me to this site as well as many others that illustrate how individual artists works can increase in value during tough economic times while Picassos and Dalis are selling for peanuts.

    The St. Lucie Appraisal Company
    P.O. Box 2700
    Fort Pierce, FL 34954
    Phone: (772) 359-4300
    Fax: (772) 466-8400
    Email: contact@stlucieappraisal.net

  15. Patty Wagaman says:

    I have an original drawing from Paul Whitney Hunter and it is of a fox. I can’t find anything about this paticular drawing. Can anyone give me any info. on this?

  16. Diarn Benson says:

    I just found a Paul Whitney Hunter print of two horses running at a salvos store, I cant find anything on it. Can anyone help?

  17. Carolyn Morris says:

    I also fgound 2 small prints of bird prints by Paul Whitney Hunter. I removed them from the frames & found “LITHO IN USA” in the lower right corner. And in the lower left one print has “@STAPOO N.Y. NO. 1-3522” The second has the same with the NO. 1-3524. Not sure what it means in the way of numbers, but any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

  18. i have found a watercolor/sketch by paul whitney hunter of two birds and a nest but looks the birds heads had been drawn one way and drawn again then painted.. any info on this would be appreciated.

  19. Eric says:

    I was in an Antique store one day in Tennessee while visiting friends and baught a little tiny picture and here I have a picture of a cat’s face line drawled by Leslie i think its a print. it has blue eyes and brown nose. Looks like a tabby cat. It has Stapco n.y. no. 1-3052 on the bottom left corner and Litho in U.S.A. on the right corner. trying to find out anything About it. I am a cat-art fan. so I will never get rid of it, but i would however like info on it cause I get question’s About it and ain’t got nothing on it and I searched and searches bring up nothing so if u could help it would be really nice:) thanks

  20. Rachel Goss says:

    I have an Emil Bott original oil painting – anyone have any info to share?
    Many Thanks!

  21. Diana Mullendore says:

    I have a Paul Whitney Hunter of a mare and her baby on a small oval piece of wood stamped on the back 1963.
    Any ideas of the worth. It is 6″ long by 4 1/2″ wide.
    Very pretty and in great condition.