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(Video) When you want to sell those valuable items in your closet or attic, make sure you realize their full value. Thom Pattie, Chief Worthologist at WorthPoint discusses WorthPoint’s consignment and brokering service. It is one of the tools on the WorthPoint site for people interested in buying and selling antiques and collectibles.

WorthPoint – Discover Your Hidden Wealth.

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  1. carmen says:

    I have a 1929 never opened Lanson 1929 champage from Reims France in its own Champagne ice bucket and a menue The Pump Room Bath England 1942 The Pump Roon by General Consent Deermint’d The fammous Code of Behaviour writen by Beau Nash.Glamour Boy of his day Master of Ceremonies that what it says in the menue book with the cost of food and champage bottle price of that year which was 4.00 for a half bottle.

  2. tiffini says:

    Please contact me i have a few things of intrest from the 1970s boats and replicas of fighter boats including stuff from the naval record club. I would like mor information on fees.


  3. lazarus says:


    I have a 1980’s emaerald green bottle (crown perfumery. i need more information on the mode of selling that bottle which still has some liquid/solid content.


  4. Patty says:

    Looking for someone in Texas to do my selling for me. I have stacks of collector’s plates that someone left me. I’d rather bank the money then dust the plates. If someone could contact me and guide me through the process, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    PS-I also have a few pieces of Carnival Glass and a Scrimshaw collection if the plates sell well.

  5. Maggie Turnipseed says:


    We will need additional information on what type of plates you have. If you will contact me direct it will be helpful.
    Thank you for using Worthpoint!

  6. I have over 300 pieces of “Made in Occupied Japan” Ceramic Figurines that I have obtained over a 30 year time period. They are in perfec condition with the exception of no more than 5 pieces that have been broken and repaied. I wish to sell these as a lot. If you are interested, contact me at kingsover@yahoo.com

    Rex Parmelee

  7. randy barendreght says:

    I have a perfection curling iron pat. Date april 26, 1896. It has the original box with instructions. Also have 10 hummel collecter plates from 1980 time frame. Would like to sell all. How do i go about this and what do you charge

  8. finny says:

    i have three bottels of old scotch one is ballantines and all i found on it was it was very rare it has 4/5 to late queen elizebeth and king edwards v11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one is chivas regal 12 year old i think 1952 the other is scottish cream

  9. I have an 18KTY Gold Cigar Band Ring
    SIZE 9.5

  10. Sue says:

    Wishing to sell the following;

    1. Dominion China Ltd. – 2426P – Winter Wings Snow Geese – 1990 Darwell Bush
    2, Golden Flight Canada Geese 1990 1st plate. Darwell Bush

    3. The Panda 16439D Will Nelson Last of their kined The Endangered Species.
    4. The Koala by Chaarles Frances First issuein Naturist Lovable- W. ùl. Gage

    All 4 plates have original boxes and paper information, certificates.

  11. Lisa M Blair says:

    i have 3 sets of very old leather bab//,kids shoes in very good shape.They were dug out of our basement at least 5 feet under,, When we had to put new basement floor in.We own a very old mill home that sits right off,of and old railroad track,Can any one help me with these i think someone would really appreciate these thank you Lisa Blair lblairw@verizon.net // IF SOME1 CAN HELP

    • Maggie Turnipseed says:

      Hi Lisa,

      It is difficult to guide you without seeing exactly what you discovered in your basement. I strongly suggest you try our seven day free trial and research these shoes yourself. I have concerns about the condition of these shoes. This is the type of thing people would use to decorate with. Cute factor is really important with this type of thing.
      Hope this helps
      Thanks for using WorthPoint!


  12. Don says:

    I have a child sized L. Admiral Tom Pouce rifle and a admiral Tom Pouce sword by Andenken aus Solingen.

    I can’t find any reference to the pair except Tom Pouce of Barnum Baily Circus fame.

  13. Cretin Evans says:

    Heavy Metal 25th Anniversary Sword by Luis Royo
    I own 1 of these swords number 2805/3000
    Is there anyone interested in owning this 1.

  14. joe says:

    i have a rado jubilè wrist watch which i wish 2 sell out 2 any interested person its as this RADO jubilè 180.0286.5 scratch proof water sealed saphire tungsten steel swiss k119 it has a date and some stones round the date yard if ur interested u can gmail me @ josephnoah73@gmail.com.

  15. Allan says:

    Misaligned us $1 bills series 1969 D I 5441059A

  16. I have The Great Gatsby first addition, the dust sleeve its in mint condition. It even has the typo corrections on the back of the book, made by the first print batch. I bought it a garage sale. The publishing date is 1925. If your interested email me.

    Thank you.

  17. Donna Row says:

    I have so many things.