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  • Oct 17 2011
  • 17 Oct 2011

Meet WorthPoint’s Über-Collectors: Rob Bertrand, Sports Memorabilia

Passion, energy, excitement. The thrill of the hunt. It seems that everyone infected with the collecting bug shares these same traits! True enthusiasts—or “über collectors” […]

  • Sep 19 2017
  • 19 Sep 2017

Sale of Jackie Robinson Contracts Expected to Set New Record for Sports Memorabilia

The Man and a Movement Jackie Robinson. The name itself has come to embody some of our most valued human characteristics: integrity, self-control, perseverance, determination, […]

  • Oct 21 2013
  • 21 Oct 2013

Fake Game-Worn Jersey Issue Problematic for Sports Trading Card Manufacturers

Yet another in a series of stunning legal cases related to fraud within the sports collectibles market made mainstream news outlets across the country last […]

  • Apr 11 2013
  • 11 Apr 2013

42 – Collecting Jackie Robinson is Collecting an American Legend

Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson was more than a baseball player; he was a pioneer, a patriot and quickly became a legend. When he took the […]

  • Mar 1 2018
  • 1 Mar 2018

Winter Olympic Memorabilia Can Command Top Dollar

Another Olympic Winter Games has come and gone. By all media accounts, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should be happy with the results of the […]

  • Feb 15 2018
  • 15 Feb 2018

Getting to Know Your 2018 U.S. Olympic Hopefuls Thanks to Topps

Darren Rovell, sports business journalist for ESPN, recently conducted a poll on Twitter. The question asked was: How many U.S. Olympians can you name in […]

  • Jan 10 2018
  • 10 Jan 2018

2017 Highlighted by Record Prices for Sports Collectibles

Mint condition Mickey Mantle rookie cards, Jackie Robinson memorabilia, rare autographs, high-grade vintage card sets; you name it and it probably sold for a record […]

  • Nov 1 2017
  • 1 Nov 2017

Collecting World Series Young Stars Key Baseball Cards

The 2017 MLB World Series match-up between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros featured a host of young, marquee players, on both teams. […]

  • Aug 22 2017
  • 22 Aug 2017

2017 National Sports Collectors Convention a Resounding Success

It’s been called the Super Bowl and Disneyland of the sports collectibles and memorabilia hobby. The annual event, simply referred to as “The National,” wrapped […]

  • Jul 25 2017
  • 25 Jul 2017

Collecting: Bobbleheads

  Pope Francis is one, but then so was the Buddha.  Elvis was one, too, along with the Beatles.  Today every baseball and sports player […]