WorthPoint Content Policy

Through its content offerings, WorthPoint’s sole purpose is to provide information, images and insights that serve to help subscribers and site visitors better understand items they have or want; assess their value; and thereby make optimally informed decisions about preserving, buying and selling collectible items.

In order to fulfill this purpose responsibly, WorthPoint commits to the following practices in acquiring its content and preparing it for use by others:

  • Accepting item information only from reputable providers
  • Taking all reasonable technical measures to filter out any objectionable, exploitive material from data integrations, thereby preventing this type of material from being displayed on WorthPoint pages
  • Removing aforementioned material manually in the event measures noted above occasionally fail to prevent display.

In exercising the above practices, WorthPoint’s focus will be on ensuring that all of the material it provides has socially redeeming value, and that it is not offensive in any way to its audience. While pursuing this policy, it is also the company’s intent to fully support material of legitimate interest which may contain nudity or semi-nudity that are genuine representations of artistic expression.

If there is a particular item you are concerned about please submit an item for review here.

You can review our full Terms of Use here.