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Power Profile Membership

Stay Connected to Your Best Customers —
Passionate Collectors in a Vibrant, Online Community

WorthPoint is a place where the technology of the future meets the antiques of the past: a social network of antique lovers and powerful online tools to help them acquire, value, and maximize returns from their collections.

By creating a Power Profile on WorthPoint, you are staking claim to powerful real estate. To hang out your shingle, interact with present and future customers, and take advantage of a specialized social network unavailable anywhere else on the Web, click here.

As a WorthPoint Power Member, you’ll receive an enhanced Business Profile featuring:

• Your business logo
• A picture of your business
• A map to your location
• A link to your website and email address
• A Bookmarked Events Calendar where you can post your own events for public viewing
• Your own “My Events” Calendar

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Joining WorthPoint also gives you access to our exclusive WorthopediaTM, the largest price guide in the world, with millions of prices realized from past sales and auctions. With the Worthopedia at your disposal, you’ll be able to find out in seconds how much any item is worth.

Benefits of our Power Membership:

• New mobile device feature with anywhere, anytime access of our Worthopedia
• Unlimited Worthopedia searches and unlimited free look-ups/month
• Up to 40 simultaneous Classified listings
• Deep discounts on WorthPoint Products and Services
• Prominent listing in our Find a Business section

Maximize your presence in today’s competitive marketplace. Join now!

“I’ve been in the auction business 40 years, and this is one of the most powerful and exciting tools I’ve ever seen to get connected and stay connected in the antiques and collectibles community.” —Thom Pattie, Vice President and Chief Worthologist, WorthPoint Corp.

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